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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Review: BH Cosmetics California Makeup Palette Collection


I have been advertising BH Cosmetics on my site now for some time and I thought it would be a good idea to try their products out and see it they were any good. When I went on their website I noticed they had three palettes dedicated to California for the spring collection. I quickly snapped them up at $10.00 a piece. I tried each one of them out and am going to show you the results so that you can see for yourself if the brand is worth your money. Housed in these cute little palettes are 16 eye shadows and four blushes.


The BH San Francisco palette has a lot of muted colors, mostly browns, coppers and blues. I took advantage of the shimmery periwinkle to make my lid sparkle. I used a matte chocolate in the crease and the periwinkle all over the lid and under the eye. I used the matte light pink under the brow. As you can see, the pigmentation is very good. I lined my lids with a black liner and then used a lot of mascara. On my cheeks I used the shimmery rose color on the lower left. It looks great with my cheeks! On my lips I used a nude brown.


The Bh Malibu palette is a lot brighter. The colors are not harder to put together though. In the crease I used a shimmery copper color. On the lid is a bright matte yellow-green. Under the brow I used a matte cream color. Then under the eye I used a bright turquoise color. I did not line my upper lids, I used only a ton of mascara! Personally I really like this look too. Both palettes are looking to be faves..


DSC02205DSC02206DSC02207 DSC02236DSC02223


When I first looked at the the Hollywood palette, I kind of went “OH!!!!” But in the end I think my eyes look pretty good. I took the deep shimmery magenta red and used it in the crease. I used the dark satin purple in the outer edge of the lid and under the eye. Then I used the bright matte coral on the lid. To make it really neat I used the silver shimmer and blended it up from the red magenta up under the brow (look at the second photograph and you can see that well). I lined with a glittery purple liner and loads of mascara. On the cheeks I used the matte terracotta color and sucked my cheeks in real good then used the bright pink on top. I topped the look off with a buttery pink lip color.

What do you think? I am extremely happy with BH Cosmetics!!!!! I see now that these palettes are $11.00 each but I think that it is still worth it. They are loaded with pigmentation, little to no fallout and no fading. This is a brand I am glad to have advertise on my website! These palettes and more are available at www.bhcosmetics.com.


  1. I love the last look! Such fun colours.
    BH Cosmetics is one I really need to check out x

  2. Love the packaging on these palettes!!


  3. The colors & packaging are fantastic. I need to step away from my neutral eye comfort zone:) xx


  4. I can't wait to get my hands on these, totally love the hollywood one! Great review:) Would you like it if we followed eachother? xx


  5. Thanks for the information. Hope devotes will be careful after reading this post.

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