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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Review: Sesha Skin Therapy


The best thing about being a blogger and an esthetician is getting to try all of the newest, most advanced and different skin care products on the market. As I get older my worries change from acne to sun damage and fine lines/wrinkles. I have a plethora of skin care products but there are ones I know I want to use because they work. Sesha is a professional line used in spas, physician’s offices and salons.

Sesha began with Dr. Dean Hsieh, a Harvard and MIT educated scientist who developed a new way to deliver large density drug molecules into the body through the skin as an alternative to pills or injections. This technology, called P.E.T.TM (Permeation Enhancement Technology) was a medical breakthrough. It was granted FDA approval after successfully being applied to pharmaceutical products. This technology could also achieve remarkable results by increasing the solubility of the active ingredient and the permeability of the skin. When large-molecule active ingredients are combined with P.E.T.TM, they are able to pass through the outer skin and reach the basal layer where new cells grow. SESHA SKIN THERAPY uses this technology in all of its treatment repair formulation, to deliver optimal concentrations of pharmaceutical grade nutrients, anti-oxidants, superior botanicals, peptides, and other powerful active ingredients to where they are needed most-below the skin’s surface! All of their products are free from harsh chemicals and parabens.


I was lucky enough to get to try samples of their Clinical line. The clinical line is based on stimulating collagen growth in the skin, as well as helping to slow down the loss of elasticity. Their products combine nutraceuticals, antioxidants and peptides to fight, repair and help heal DNA damage to the skin. The Clinical line is offered exclusively through physicians. It has advanced ingredients such as MDI Complex, DermaxylTM, Phyotolayse enzymes, glutathione, sodium hyaluronate, niacinamide, theophylline alginate and Vitamins A, B, C and E to help benefit the skin.  The other lines that Sesha offers are: Sensitive (for skins that need some soothing relief), Plus (for skins in the early signs of aging), Lightening (to prevent and reduce skins with hyperpigmentation) and Acne (a multidimensional acne control system).

The products recommended in the Clinical skin system treat the advanced signs of aging. These products have the most advanced ingredients on the market and work synergistically.  Below is a list of the Clinical line and its products. I want you to see the line, how it differs from others and why it is so advanced. It contains the following products:

  • Makeup Remover-gently lifts makeup from delicate eye area with ingredients like wheat germ oil and Vitamin E. Use at night prior to cleansing.
  • Botanical Moisturizing Cleanser-purifies skin and protects natural moisture, formulated with natural botanical extracts such as rosemary, melon and green tea. Lightly foams, gets rid of makeup and cleans off easily.
  • Clarifying Face Wash-a powerful deep cleanser with 2% salicylic acid to kill acne bacteria, it also contains extracts to stimulate the blood and detoxify the skin. Use after makeup remover for acneic skin or oily skin.
  • Bio-Scrub Exfoliating Cleanser-deep pore, non abrasive scrub to exfoliate dead skin cells and impurities using micro-spherical beads. It also has Vitamin E and Vitamin C. Use 1-2x a week to exfoliate. Make sure not to scrub too hard!
  • Renu Exfoliating Gel-papaya based exfoliating gel. This is a chemical exfoliant, use 1x week to get rid of dead skin cells and refresh skin. Can also help with hyperpigmentation.
  • Natural Toner-restores pH level to skin,improves blood circulation. Makes skin feel fresh.
  • Clinical Complex-C Serum-uses ascorybl glucoside, a highly stable form of Vitamin C. Rich in amino acids proline and ketoglutaric acid to increase collagen content. Peptides reduce lines and wrinkles by relaxing facial muscles. Apply after toner prior to Phyto Lotion, morning or night.
  • Clinical Advanced Eye Restore-relax facial muscles with ArgirelineTM and DermaxylTM. MDI Complex prevents collagen breakdown. Caffeine and plant extracts reduce puffiness and broken capillaries around the eyes. Use morning or night
  • Clinical Advanced Phyto Lotion-this is for hyperpigmentation. Phytolayse enzymes repair DNA damage; essential fatty acids contain an optimal ratio of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids to improve and maintain lipid levels that firm and smooth the skin. Use prior to moisturizer, morning or night.
  • Clinical Complex-A Renewal Emulsion-Retinol boosts cell turnover for renewed, smoother skin texture. Controls cellular inflammation that leads to wrinkles and lifeless skin. Peptides minimize look of fine lines, use at night after Phyto Lotion or Complex-C Serum.
  • Clinical Repair/Protect-30 Day Emulsion- Phytolase enzymes help repair DNA damage, while heat shock protein strengthens the skin’s resistance to the environment’s assault. SPF 30 protects from UVA/UVB rays. Light lotion type feel. Use morning alone or under makeup.
  • Clinical Advanced Antioxidant Cream-di-peptide carnisone helps fight the negative effects of oxidative stress and glycation. MDI Complex reduces collagen breakdown while key anti-oxidants work synergistically to slow the aging process and skin damage. Heavier cream, use evening after treatments and serums.

It is up to your Esthetician to help you figure out which line is best for your skin. These products are definitely a whole regimen. They work better if you use the whole system together (synergistically) rather than one or two products alone. There was a study done on the Clinical line that showed at 180 days the thickness of subjects’ skin increased by at least 19%, the lower granular layer of skin doubled in thickness and most subjects showed an increased cellular growth of the dermis (lowest layer of the skin).

After using the Clinical line for a few weeks, I noticed that I had a softening of the one or two fine lines I have (boy I hate to admit I have fine lines). My skin seems firmer too. I cannot comment on softness, as my skin has always been pretty soft, but it does seem a little bit firmer. To find out more about Sesha Skin Therapy, go to: www.seshaskin.com. Products are available only through licensed estheticians or through physicians. You may locate a professional through the website or by contacting someone via info@seshaskin.com.

(These products were given by consideration)


  1. wow.. I didn't know this linen was still around. I need to contact them. I wrote about them over 10 years ago along with Anna Carrera skin therapy.. I worked with them a lot. What a great array of products.

  2. Ohh I need to check them out!!



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