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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Review: Urban Decay Naked Skin Beauty Balm SPF20



I was very excited when Urban Decay came out with their version of the ubiquitous beauty balm that has been so popular in the states these past few months. I thought that if anyone could do a good job, it would be Urban Decay. I received a small sample of it in an order and when I opened it up was not pleasantly surprised because the color of it was, ahem, orange. I thought, well, that is not good. I am very, very pale and orange will not do for me. But I decided to order it anyway. I received it a few weeks ago but I have been playing catch up since I was so sick and I just have not had the time to review it.

The Urban Decay Naked Skin Beauty Balm SPF20 comes in a 1.18 oz. tube for $34.00. It does have a chemical sunscreen in it. The claims it makes are pretty high up there with some of the most expensive moisturizers I have seen. It claims to:

  • hydrate (instantly and improve skin over time)
  • prime (so makeup goes on beautifully and stays put)
  • protect (with an SPF20 and with an ingredient that inhibits DNA damage to the skin, with Vitasource and dGlyage)
  • treat (by firming the skin, improving elasticity and providing measurable anti-aging benefits

The balm is oil-free, and delivers results in just 8 weeks. Light diffusing spheres make skin look look professionally retouched. The shade is supposed to be universal, and dries down to a translucent demi-matte shade that works on most skin tones. In clinical studies, immediately after using the Urban Decay Naked Skin Beauty Balm SPF20 65% of the participants saw their complexion look significantly improved; 59% saw their skin look significantly lifted and 68% felt that the hydration in their skin was significantly improved. After 8 weeks of using the Beauty Balm, 93% felt they had significantly more firmer  and more lifted skin; 90% had significantly more radiant skin; 84% had an improvement in fine lines and 84% had smoother and more hydrated skin.


In the first photograph above you can see that I put a large droplet on the inside of my forearm. Now, the color looks to be pretty dark for me. Then I took the color and started to rub it in. The balm is very thick and pigmented. Not like some that are kind of thin. In the third photograph you can see that I rubbed it in my forearm. There is some color, but it isn’t too dark. To see that on my face I will show you below.


Once blended into my skin the color actually looks nice. I was very surprised I must say. I put some translucent powder over the top and then any residual dark color was gone. The key is to really blend well at the jaw and hair line and make sure not to get too much on the face to begin with. I am liking this very much. I haven’t seen the results that were shown over 8 weeks, because I don’t wear this every day. I do notice the light diffusing spheres and that my skin is very hydrated. My skin isn’t in that bad of shape so that is really all I noticed. I would place this in the middle to top of the bunch with other the other beauty balms. It’s not the very best but it is quite good. Urban Decay rarely puts out a product that is not well researched and tested. They have a good reputation. That is why I love the brand and continue to be a good customer! The Urban Decay Naked Skin Beauty Balm SPF20 is available at www.urbandecay.com, www.sephora.com, www.ulta.com, www.beauty.com and all brick and mortar stores that carry Urban Decay.







  1. I need you to come do my eye makeup!! You're so good!!


  2. Great review! Really looks nice on your skin. I am going to have to give this a try.

  3. I think it will be too dark for my pale skin :/


    1. That's what I thought too. I'm deathly pale. I don't use a ton and I blend well. I use white powder on top. I still like the color.

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