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Monday, March 11, 2013

Sephora’s Storybook Palette NO.2 Jasmine: A Review


The first thing I want to tell you about this palette is WOW! From the outside packaging to the eye shadows and blush/bronzer, I think Sephora outdid themselves this time. The Cinderella palette had some pigmentation issues but this one is so much better. For $55.00 you get 15 eye shadows, a blush and a bronzer. The outside packaging is gorgeous, so much that you want to display it.


The fifteen eye shadows come in a rainbow of colors. The shimmers and very shimmery and quite beautiful. At the bottom is a blush and bronzer.

In the first row:

  • blue oasis: matte turquoise blue
  • trust me: shimmery reddish bronze
  • abu: shimmery olive bronze
  • ali ababwa: matte medium cream
  • sultana: shimmery champagne

In the second row:

  • friend like me: shimmery bright blue
  • master: satin eggplant
  • cosmic: shimmery gold
  • cave of wonders: very bright satin yellow
  • sand in the glass: shimmery sand

In the third row:

  • lapis: super bright matte blue
  • mystical wonder: shimmery bright purple
  • rajah: satin sunset orange
  • arabian sunset: shimmer bright reddish orange
  • bazaar: matte chocolate brown

The blush and bronzer colors are

  • thrilling chase: (blush) shimmery rose
  • golden sands (bronzer shimmery golden bronze

I did two looks with the palette so you could see how versatile it is. One look is a warm look inspired by the sunset. The other is a cool look inspired by a blouse I have (turquoise and purple).

To achieve the sunset look I used the following: trust me in the crease, arabian sunset on the outer edge of the eye and on the lower lid. I then used rajah on the upper lid. I took arabian sunset and blended it into the crease some to create a little bit of a deeper crease. Under the brow I used cosmic. I lined my upper lid with Hard Candy’s Liquid Eyeliner in fuchsia. For mascara I used MAC’s Extreme Dimension Lash in Black, on top and bottom lashes.

On my cheeks I sucked in my cheeks and then used thrilling chase in the hollows. Then I took NARS Gaiety and swept it across the cheeks down to the middle (stopping to the middle of the eye, I didn’t want to go to the nose). Gaiety is a very bright cool pink but looks wonderful on a variety of skin tones. For my lips, a nude color was in order, so I used MAC’s Whirls & Twirls Glaze (shimmery but nice) over Cover Girl Sublime lip liner that was used deftly on the lips.


My next look is a cool look. I am fairly lucky in that I am neutral toned and can wear both warm and cool tones. Not all colors but some.


For this look I used mystical wonder in the crease, blue oasis all over the lid. I took master and used it on the outer edge of the lid and under the eye. Under the brow I used sultana. To line the upper lid I used Lime Crime’s Reason (silver) liquid liner. And for mascara I again used MAC’s Extreme Dimension Lash in Black.

On my cheeks I used only thrilling chase this time. It created a darker cheek I think. I stuck with the nude lip but this time I used a different color, MAC’s Supremely Confident Supreme Sheen lipstick (great texture).

So, what do I think of the shadows in this palette? I love them! The shimmers are wonderful! They are soft and have great pigmentation. They go on smoothly and have only a little fallout. The matte shadows are pretty much the same. I noticed the blue oasis shadow did fade a bit this morning and had to be reapplied, which was a little disappointing but matte shadows usually have this problem. All of the shadows are soft, when I went to swatch them I had to be careful because I was getting gouges in them. Overall I am so much happier with this palette than the Cinderella one. So much!!!! The blush and bronzer are also good too, not to forget them. I think this is a great buy and will likely sell out. It is available from www.sephora.com and Sephora stores.



  1. Thanks for this post! I was very intrigued by this palette, its nice to see the swatches!! :)


  2. Great post, I love some of these colors, and the case is amazing! On a side note, I really like your eyebrows!


    1. Wow, I always think my eyebrows are my worst feature. Thank you so much. :)

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. That packaging! :O loved the bronzed look! suited your beautiful eyes well!



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