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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Get Gorgeous Iridescent Eyes With Maybelline Summer 2013

DSC07998Yippee! This summer Maybelline has come out with some gorgeous, iridescent Color Tattoo 24 hr. cream eye shadows that are so irresistible. There are at least seven colors available that I have seen around, but I decided to stick to five (BOGO!). With these opalescent lovelies they are showing nude lips, bronze cheeks and blue or mint nails. For as long as I can remember I have loved the look of iridescence. On anything. You can bet as soon as I saw these I went nuts!

Color Tattoo eye shadow was not usual my favorite. I had purchased one when they first came out and it creased on my right away. But I decided I had to give it a second try. I picked five of my favorites that I found in the collection. It is very hard to see how beautiful they are in the pot but you can get a better idea from the swatches. All of the colors went on beautifully except Icy Mint. I couldn’t get that one to go on at all. I could barely even get it to swatch.

maybelline summer 2013_ color tattoo

color tattoo summer 2013 swatches





From left to right: Waves of White (iridescent blue white), Cool Crush (iridescent cool gray with purple and blue shift), Icy Mint (shimmery Mint), Seashore Frosts (iridescent blue-gray with gold shift), Blue Paradise (iridescent cool blue with light blue shift)

maybelline summer 2013_lips


Color Whisper lipstick in Sienna Sands and Color Sensational High Shine Gloss in Peach Glisten

For my look today I used Blue Paradise in my crease (it is fairly bright and playful). Then Seashore Frosts under my eye as a liner. On my lid I tried Icy Mint but it didn’t want to show up so I used Cool Crush instead. Under my brow I blend out Waves of White (gorgeous color). Line Stiletto in black was used to line the upper lid. Revlon’s new mascara, Lash Potion, just came out and I gave it a try. It is supposed to revitalize lashes with amino-acids and proteins. I give it a so-so rating. It’s a little clumpy and my lashes are supposed to DSC08051have volume and length. I would say they just have some clumpy volume! The box says no clumps. Wrong.

I wasn’t happy with the bronzer colors that Maybelline offered for the summer collection, so I used one that might be better suited to my skin tone. I used Pixi’s beauty bronzer + kabuki (beautiful rosy glow). For me this is nice because it is not yellow at all. The kabuki brush was useless though!!!! For my lips I too a nude lip pencil and filled it in then took Waves of White Color Tattoo and brushed it on my lips. I then used the Color Whisper in Sienna Sands and filled in my lips for color and for luscious pop I used the Peach Glisten lip gloss (I was trying to get a Kim Kardashian lip look!! Ha, ha)



Loving the new Color Tattoo 24 hr. colors, except for Icy Mint. I like Blue Paradise and Waves of White the most.  These are ones you should go snap up. See if you can get them Buy one Get one. The Revlon Lash Potion, I am not so sure about. If you look at my lashes you can see they look very clumpy, not like something you would get with another mascara. I also like the Color Whisper Sienna Sands color. It shows up (even on top of the icy blue shading I played around with). So far summer is shaping up to be fun! I hope you enjoyed!


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