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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Review: Almay Smart Shade CC Cream SPF 35

Almay Smart Shade CCCream

I wanted to give this product a try. I had tried a foundation from L’Oreal with the Smart Shade technology (http://iamthemakeupjunkie.blogspot.com/2012/06/drugstore-bb-creams-loreal-and.html) and I had such wonderful results that I thought this might be a good choice for me. I really do have very fair skin with neutral undertones. It is hard to match. Often foundations are extremely yellow on me. I found the Almay Smart Shade CC SPF 35 Cream at Rite-Aid for $9.99.

The claim is that you can get the exact shade of color with complexion correcting (pink or yellow undertones, redness and any sort of dark spots). It has three shades: light, medium and dark. It also launched with a bronzer but I didn’t get that because I have found my Holy Grail bronzer. This product does have an SPF 35, which is a mixture of chemical and minerals (Octinoxate 7.5%; Octisalate 5.0%; Titanium Dioxide 5.1%).


See the swatches below for the Smart Shade Technology at work:

almay smart shade cc cream_swatchcc cream blend into skin2nd shot of CC cream into skin3rd shot of CC cream into skin

In the 1st photo you can see the color doesn’t come out white, but light like a normal foundation. This is actually how I would expect my normal foundation to look. In the 2nd photo I have started to blend it into my skin some. In the 3rd photo you can see that it adjusts nicely and starts to disappear. By the 4th it has blended into my skin completely. This color was close to my skin tone so I expected it to be fairly close to my skin to begin with and it was, but it blended in to be almost invisible.

full face view_almay smart shade cc creamfull face_eyes closedclose up_eyes closed2

In these photos you can see how much the CC cream covers the imperfections of my complexion. I have a ton of sun damage, but it is well covered by the cream.

I am pretty happy with this $9.99 Almay Smart Shade CC SPF 35 Cream. It covers fairly well. I did have a couple of red spots on my chin that I felt it didn’t cover well. The point of this cream is that it is supposed to cover these kinds of things, so I am somewhat dismayed over that. But for the price I am not going to quibble. It does have heavier, foundation like coverage that is unlike most of the BB type creams on the market. The “CC” cream is still trying to find its place. I have the LORAC Color Correcting CC Cream that I have worn and I am going to review too. I wanted to do this one first because it actually came out to work better I think (yes, you heard right). I am going to give the LORAC one another chance before I give up on it completely. I think the Almay one is limited though by having only 3 shades. Yes, it has the “Smart Shade technology”, but I am not sure that the technology is going to work for everyone. If you decide to purchase this, I would really like to hear how it works for you. Or, if you have tried it already.



  1. interesting . their BB cream which I have comes out gray/white and adjusts but doesn't adjust well on my skin. I was thinking for someone with a lighter skin tone , this would be ideal. I was disappointed. but the CC cream might be just the ticket. I know there are CC creams I want to try but none have a $10 price point

    1. Well, for $9.99 it's not a bad deal. I'm not sure what color you need but the light was perfect for me. That is saying something!

  2. I have not try this product, but it looks like it blends well on the skin and that's very important!!! Love your post dear!


    1. Thank you! I always appreciate lovely comments. I checked out your website too, love a good fashion site!

  3. I have tried this and I really like the way it feels, but it definitely is not full coverage enough for me. My skin ends up looking a little bit oily/dewy and I prefer a Matte finish, as well, so I usually end up setting it with a loose powder mineral foundation, which also gives me a bit more coverage. It definitely doesn't stay on all day, and I end up touching up with powder at work, but that's always been an issue for me!

    1. Anne, thanks for leaving a comment about your experience! I do think it depends on how much coverage one needs. Some days I end up needing a lot. Foundations are tricky. It is a day-by-day situation: coverage needs change, oilness changes, color changes by season too. I think that is why I still haven't found my "perfect" foundation.


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