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Friday, June 28, 2013

Men’s Personal Care Product Reviews

emerginC Liquid Gel Cleanser and Balla Powder For Men

Men need to take care of their skin and themselves too. It doesn’t matter if your man is a metrosexual or a man who doesn’t care if he is using soap or shampoo for everything (my husband happens to love masculine shower gel and shampoo but can’t be bothered for much else). This post is dedicated to those men. Well, it’s really dedication to men in general. We love it when you smell good. And we women love it when you look good.


emerginC Liquid Gel Cleanser For MenImagine your husband or significant other being able to have nice, soft skin that isn’t too oily, too dry but is just right. emerginC has come out with a fabulous Liquid Gel Cleanser that has a wonderful lemongrass and light pine scent. It is formulated with hops, that has great antiseptic properties and pine, for its refreshing, stimulating essential oil. The cleanser removes oil and dirt without over drying the skin. The astringents rosemary and horsetail, lemon, citric acid and Vitamin C all work overtime to cleanse deep down into the pores to keep the skin as clean as possible.

This cleanser is great for all skin types, as it is not too harsh. It can be used morning and night. Wet the skin, lather and rinse thoroughly. Can be used before or after shaving. My husband used this and liked the scent, which is not too overpowering but definitely manly. And from what I understand it does a great job at cleansing without over drying. The cleanser is great for men who love to take care of themselves.

$35.00 8.1 fl.oz./240 ml

Available via www.emerginc.com, and leading spas.com


Balla Powder for Men is intended for use in the private area of a man’s body. It is a powder that will keep a man dryBalla Powder For Men and free of excess moisture. It is also intended for an area that any dryness, a little fragrance or a little bit of tingle is desired. Use any time of the year, in any situation. Apply by spreading a little bit in the desired area, using your hands and spreading it on the desired area, or use the sifter to apply. It contains a non-Asbestiform talc, zinc oxide (great for chaffing) and a couple of other non active ingredients.

There are two formulas. The original formula has an oak/musk scent. The tingle formula has a mint scent and tingles somewhat upon application. For those that are not interested in a scent, there is also a fragrance free formula. From what I have been told it does it a good job protecting against chaffing and leaving areas dry and protected.  Available: www.ballapowder.com to see locations. $15.00


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