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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Review: boscia B.B. Cream Bronze Broad Spectrum SPF 27 PA++

boscia B.B. Cream Bronze Broad Spectrum SPF 27 PA

Just in time for the sultry, hot summer boscia brings B.B. Cream Bronze Broad Spectrum SPF 27 PA++. This is billed as a one-step wonder to hydrate, firm and soothe the skin. It also helps diminish the appearance of pores, fine lines, and an uneven skin tone while being a long-wearing, natural coverage B.B. cream that conceals imperfections. This B.B. cream gives a sun-kissed look that can self-adjust to all complexions and is great for all skin types.

boscia B.B. Cream Bronze Broad Spectrum SPF 27 PA++ contains the following:

  • Abyssine: This is is a naturally-derived molecule from sea algae that shields against free radical damage as it helps to restore damaged skin. It helps reinforce skin’s natural defense mechanisms against external aggressors. Provides exceptional soothing benefits for the skin.
  • Beta-Glucan: Derived from oat, it supports skin’s natural defense mechanisms, provides hydration for skin , and protects
    against environmental damage. Allows for skin renewal, promotes healing, reduces the look of scars, and stimulates collagen
    production for firmer, younger-looking skin.
  • Arbutin: A powerful antioxidant derived from bearberry, helps brighten skin, and reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Licorice Root: An antioxidant that calms redness, helps reduce hyperpigmentation, and minimizes the appearance of dark spots by helping inhibit melanin synthesis.
  • Sodium Hyaluronate: A humectant that draws moisture into the skin.
  • Titanium Dioxide: Provides physical, non-chemical and non-irritating broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection by
    scattering UV light.
  • Jojoba Leaf Helps to prevent free radical damage while nourishing the skin.
  • Willowherb Helps to calm skin inflammation and reduce visible redness and irritation.


B.B. Cream Bronze Broad Spectrum SPF 27 PA++ swatchboscia BB Broze Broad Spectrum 27 _swatch


I tried this one out several times. I wondered if it was because I either loved it, or I was on the fence about it. First of all, boscia  makes one of the only B.B. creams that I find worth the money. So when I saw they had a bronze version I was excited. Yes, I am super pale. Why am I even trying a bronze color all over my face? I will tell you why! Because it says that it self-adjusts! Yes!!! That is key here. If you look at the swatch on the back of my hand you can see how dark it looks. It is a beautiful, dark pearly color. On my face though it ends up being a nice light golden tone. Not too shabby!


(top photo) I think this ends up being one of my better photographs. I am wearing the B.B. Cream Bronze Broad Spectrum SPF 27 PA++ and I think it looks very good.


(bottom photo) close up of face showing B.B. Cream Bronze Broad Spectrum SPF 27 PA++ on face, looking nice and bronzed.

As you can see from the photographs, the bronze color isn’t too dark. Also what it nice is that you only need a small amount. I like that with good products this tends to be true (so they end up being cost effective). I also like that the sunblock is a physical sunblock, titanium dioxide. This way most people will be able to use it. More and more people are finding they cannot use chemical sunscreens. boscia has also introduced a number of botanicals in the B.B.cream that will actually take care of the skin. The whole point of a B.B. cream is that it not only provides color but acts as a skin care cream. In what was a wave of many subpar B.B creams that hit the US market this past year, it is nice to see the origins of one that is in fact an original skin care and color tint cream.

You many also read my other boscia product reviews here.  My review on the amazing Tsubaki Oil.: (http://iamthemakeupjunkie.blogspot.com/2013/03/review-boscia-tsubaki-beauty-oil.html). The press release on the B.B. Bronze is here as well as the regular B.B. Cream: (http://iamthemakeupjunkie.blogspot.com/2013/03/new-bb-cream-light-broad-spectrum-spf.html). The boscia Detoxifying Black Cleanser: (http://iamthemakeupjunkie.blogspot.com/2012/09/review-boscia-detoxifying-black-cleanser.html). boscia Self-Defense Vital Antioxidant Moisture SPF 30: (http://iamthemakeupjunkie.blogspot.com/2013/01/new-self-defense-vital-antioxidant.html). And another great one is their Super-Charge Overnight Moisture: (http://iamthemakeupjunkie.blogspot.com/2013/01/new-boscia-super-charge-overnight.html). boscia has some great products and is one of my favorite skin care companies. My favorite cleanser is STILL the detoxifying black cleanser! The boscia B.B. Cream Bronze Broad Spectrum SPF 27 PA++ comes in 1.75 oz./50 g tube and is $38.00. It can be purchased from the www.boscia.com website or through Sephora stores and the www.sephora.com website.

(This product was provided by consideration)

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