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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Review: Maybelline’s Color Tattoo Pure Pigments

Maybelline Color Tatto Pure Pigments

Look what I found the other day in the supermarket! Maybelline has come out with some great long lasting color pigments. There were numerous colors, I purchased 4 of them. They are called Color Tattoo Pure Pigments. They were $6.99 each.

Color Tattoo Pure Pigment Barely BrazenColor Tatto Pure Pigment Improper CopperColor Tattoo Pure Pigment Potent PurpleColor Tattoo Pure Pigment Never Fade Jade

I wore three of these pigments yesterday and they wore pretty well all day long. The only color I had problems with fading was the Potent Purple. Purple pigments, like blues, tend to fade fast, so I am not surprised there. Boldly Brazen is a peachy cream color, almost flesh toned.  As you can see from the swatch photograph below, it blends into my skin and is barely seen. Then next there is Improper Copper, a beautiful shimmery dark copper tone. I also purchased Potent Purple, because I love purple and saw this gorgeous true shimmery purple color. Finally, there is Never Fade Jade, a shimmery teal.

In the swatch photo below I took each color and first applied them dry and then wet. There is definitely a huge difference in how they look dry and wet. Dry the colors look like they can barely be seen, drab, just not very pigmented. Then I applied them wet to my arm and they look completely different. The colors have more shimmer, pigmentation and they look like they have some pizzazz! When I wore them on my eye they looked okay, I just had problems with the purple, as I mentioned. It faded half-way through the day.

Color Tattoo Pure Pigment_swatches

(swatches of the Color Tattoo Pure Pigments: Barely Brazen, Improper Copper, Potent Purple and Never Fade Jade)

Below is the look I did with the Color Tattoo Pure Pigments:


For the look I did here I used Improper Copper in the crease and outer edge of the lid. On the lid and under the eye I used Potent purple. Under the brow I used Barely Brazen. I lined the upper lid with Hello Kitty Pen Pal felt tip liner in Purple Balloon. On my lashes I used SEPHORA’s Outrageous Volume mascara in black. For the cheeks I used MAC’s Cream Soda blush (light peach) and on the lips I tried this new lip gloss from Rimmel that has a lot of pigment, called Show Off lip lacquer in Luna (bright coral). When I used these on my eye I used them dry and I was able to get some pretty good pigment out of them but as I mentioned the purple faded half-way through the day.

I am somewhat disappointed. I know these are drugstore cosmetics, but Maybelline is the top of the line of the drugstore brands now. My opinion is that if you are going to buy these, then you will need to use them wet to get any pigment. So, I am not giving them the full thumbs up review, more like a halfway “meh”. I will say that the color selection is great on these though and there is 1.5g of pigment in the jar, that is a lot for the price. And I will also suggest that if you have a sealer, use that too! If you have purchased any of these, I would love to hear what YOU think!



  1. I love all those colors! The purple looks really good on you. I like it!

  2. Really pretty eye makeup - it suits you.



  3. These look lovely on you! Shame about the fading.

    Jess xo

  4. love them all !!!



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