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Monday, July 1, 2013

Big Splash

boscia introduces the next age-old Japanese beauty secret to the US with its new Konjac Cleansing

On the heels of its latest import Tsubaki Beauty Oil, boscia reveals its next Asian sensation, the new Konjac
Cleansing Sponge. Derived from the Konjac root grown in Asia and introduced to Japan over 1,500 years
ago for its detoxifying powers, the Konjac sponge is a deluxe cleanser and detoxifier. The ultrasoft Konjac
Cleansing Sponge naturally draws out impurities from the skin, gently exfoliating and promoting skin
renewal for a flawless complexion and a healthy glow!
This naturally alkaline fiber also helps balance the complexion and unlike many other sponges, it’s gentle
enough to be used on the eye area or extremely sensitive skin. Environmental Bonus: it’s biodegradable and
sustainable too.

imageThe Konjac Cleansing Sponge is made from the following 100% natural ingredient:

Konjac Root: Originally introduced to Japan over
1,500 years ago for its medicinal detoxifying qualities,
the root is now a trusted natural cleansing and
exfoliating agent for delicate, smooth skin.

Directions for use: “Activate" the dry and dehydrated sponge by running under warm water. Use in
combination with your normal cleanser. Gently massage skin and buff to cleanse and exfoliate. Rinse with
warm water and allow to air dry until next use.

boscia’s Konjac Cleansing Sponge retails for $18.00 and is available at Sephora, sephora.com and bosciaskincare.com.




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