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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Festival Fashion by Emma from Dollface

The following post is a great guest post by Emma from http://dollfaceblogs.blogspot.co.uk/ in the UK. I wanted her to give us the lowdown on what people in the UK do for great summer fashion. Emma is in the know! Thank you! ~Marie

Summertime in the UK means a few things; unpredictable weather, BBQ’s and festivals! Festivals are a core part of British summertime, and I have never known festivals to be held and celebrated like we do in the UK. From Glastonbury to Download to Wireless, there is a festival that caters for every music taste and type of person in existence.

Along with festivals, comes festival fashion; something that is highly reported on in the lead up to the summer. Everyone wants to know what everyone is going to be wearing. Finding the best variety of outfits to take to camp in the middle of nowhere for a weekend when you can never guarantee weather you will be sunbathing or sitting in rain and trawling through mud!

From wellies to flip flops – you need to be prepared for any occasion, all fitted in to your tiny (or not so tiny camping bag!

Here are a few of my fave festival fashion pieces for Summer 213

Patterns are a massive hit at festivals. From paisley to floral, everyone’s clothes are just as loud as the music!


Oversized jumpers and shorts are also a massive hit at festivals, but you’d get funny looks walking down the street like that! It’s probably the only place that rocking a skirt or playsuit, plus wellington boots caked in mud is seen ad highly fashionable and gorgeous.


Accessories are massive. From hats and bags to sunglasses and headbands, everyone has got something cool and quirky to set off even the loudest of outfits.


Festival fashion is unique and quirky. It’s a time and place where your clothes can express your care-free, fun loving nature. You can channel your inner bohemian, camping chic or just get covered in mud.

Festival Fashion; where anything goes!

Again, Dollface Blogs is her site. If you want to follow Emma on Twitter you can go to: https://twitter.com/DollfaceEmmy. Her Pinterest site is http://pinterest.com/dollfaceemmy/; her Instagram is http://instagram.com/dollfaceemmy# and her Google + is https://plus.google.com/100113437503047168084/posts. I love her fashion sense!



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