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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Look: Items From Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Fragmented Alice

items from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Fragmented Alice, Lime Crime Cosmetics and Bite Cosmetics

This fall Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics bucked trend (dark and deep) and came out with some beautifully light and airy items and made a capsule collection called “Fragmented Alice”. Their look was inspired by an artist’s take on the Alice In Wonderland story. I only got the Loose Colour Concentrates from this collection, as they were the only things that caught my eye. I did a light look for daytime with these colors. Being a mom who has to go out and take her kids to the high school for orientation, I didn’t want to look too out of sorts, so I stuck with a fairy-ish look. The main item they came out with is an acid green Lip Tar, gorgeous but not something I think I can wear around the suburbs!

The three colour concentrates are named: Nevar (shimmery dirty golden olive), Infliction (shimmery patinaed pink opal) and Curved Sky (shimmery icy white with iridescent blue violet). I am loving Curved Sky, as it happens to be my favorite look in makeup. This color can make anything look good and looks great with brown. To add depth for this I also used Smote (shimmery warm taupe), to help tie it all together. Since blue is opposite brown on the color wheel, it works great with brown and the two marry well together.For this look I also used Lime Crime’s uniliner in Reason (super shimmery silver). The mascara I decided on was MAC’s False Lashes, one of my all time favorites. On my lips is Bite’s Muscat (warm nude with a hint of shimmer). My foundation is Bobbi Brown’s Long-Wear Even Finish Compact Foundation in Alabaster. I will be reviewing this one. It’s amazing! On my cheeks I used Kat VonD’s Everlasting Face Shaper Blush in bellisima (peachy coral). To me this look is a kind of a “nude” fairy look!

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Fragmented Alice Loose Colour Concentrate swatches

(from left: Smote, Nevar, Infliction and Curved Sky)

swatch of Bite Muscat and Lime Crime uniliner in Reason

(On top is Bite Muscat and on the bottom is Lime Crime’s uniliner in Reason)


The photographs below show the look, with all of the products I used.


I highly recommend you try Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics. Their Loose Colour Concentrates are so beautiful. I have all of them! That is how much I love them. And they are well known for their Lip Tar formula of course. Lime Crime is also another brand I recommend. Some of their items are a little bit out there for my age group but the quality is awesome. And Bite lipsticks are fabulous. They are all natural. Yes! This company makes all natural lipsticks, even red ones, from all natural ingredients. The quality is incredible. It is nice for me, because if I want a good red I can count on them (I am allergic to red food dyes).

The Loose Colour Concentrates are $14.00 each. These kick-ass. They look great dry but wet (as you can see from the swatches) they really kick butt! Bite lipsticks are $24.00 and are some of the best I have ever used on my lips. The uniliner in Reason is $13.99 and is also awesome! I hope you like this look. It isn’t earth shattering but I thought it was okay for the PTA!



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