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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Review: Nu Skin ageLOC Tru Face Essence Ultra

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I have to admit that I love serums. A serum can provide the needed ingredients that can penetrate deeply into the skin and help give the skin a needed glow and youthful appearance. It often seems impossible to fight the battle for aging skin and prevent lines and wrinkles. Moisturizers are usually not enough, so Nu Skin has created ageLOC Tru Face Essence Ultra to give us a great weapon against this constant battle.

The ingredients in Nu Skin ageLOC Tru Face Essence Ultra help to protect skin against free radical damage and shield elastin and collagen from degradation enzymes that attack skin protein. It uses Ethocyn, which has been clinically proven to firm skin. This silky serum also contains anti-oxidants such as Evening Primrose Oil, Vitamin E and Safflower Seed Oil.

A clinical study was performed. Over 55% reported improvement in overall firmness and firmness in the eyes in as little as one week. At week 12, 80% of the subjects reported firmness in these areas.DSC05177


The recommended use is one capsule in the morning and one at night. There is enough serum in the capsule to apply it on the eyes, face and neck. It is applied just prior to moisturizer. The best use is to apply the majority of the product to an area of concern and then the rest to the other areas of the face and neck. I found that it does work quite well at firming. At 42 my skin has just started to feel slightly slack. Unfortunately I am having issues in the eye region. My eyes are a little crinkly. Ugh! I apply most of the serum to my eyes and then smooth it out all over my face. This is a serum that glides on smoothly (it does have a dimethicone in it that does make it smooth). This doesn’t distract from the product at all. The areas that were helped the most are my eyes, which definitely look firmer and feel firmer than before. I had noticed a good amount of slackening in my eyelids, so when I applied the product I concentrated in that area. I feel that ageLOC Tru Face Essence Ultra did a great job of firming up my eyes, especially my eyelids. Love it!

Nu Skin ageLOC Tru Face Essence Ultra retails for $206.00 per 60 capsules and can be purchased at www.nuskin.com. Like Nu Skin on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nuskinNA; Follow Nu Skin on Twitter: @NuSkinNA; Follow their Pinterest boards: http://pinterest.com/nuskinna/ and Subscribe to their videos on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/nuskinamericas.

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