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Friday, August 2, 2013

Review: PURAttitude Fountain of Youth

Pur Attitude Fountain of Youth

PURattitudeTM Fountain of Youth is an anti-aging serum that addresses the  multi-faceted scientific aspects of aging skin and produces a safe, high-performing antidote. The product leverages patent-pending technology to address skin issues related to hydration, anti-oxidants and nutrients for a more youthful-looking appearance.

The PURattitudeTM brand has a radical approach to beauty. They replace water that is lost in the cells of our skin with a patent-pending hydrating complex that contains powerful anti-oxidants, vitamins and nutrients, creating an active product. Each product in the line has been tested by a dermatologist and is backed by clinical studies. David Pollock, the founder of PURattitudeTM, is a legend in the cosmetics industry. He helped develop items for a number of lines: Smashbox, Bliss, SkinCeuticals and and HydroxC just to name a few. He is also known for his approach to beauty called Safe Beauty, which avoids harsh chemicals, parabens, PEGs, glycols, sulfates, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances and artificial dyes. Each product in the PURattitudeTM line follows the Safe Beauty philosophy.

Fountain of Youth is enhanced with the power of natural HyaluronixTM technology (made with a base of hyaluronic acid, a very potent humectant), which delivers up to one thousand times its weight in water, binding moisture deeply into the skin. This power-packed serum combines proprietary HyaluronixTM with advanced peptide science to increase the production of collagen and elastin to create firmer skin and less visible wrinkles. Product performance features include:

  • 54% Increase in skin oxygenation
  • 90% Increase in skin hydration
  • Visibly reduces wrinkles up to 56%
  • Increases cell renewal by up to 85% 
  • Boosts collagen & firms skin up to 128%

My experience with the Fountain of Youth serum is very positive. I have started to notice changes in my skin lately. As we age the skin tends to dry out. Just in the last few months I have noticed that my skin has indeed dried out more. So when I started to use this serum it was a welcome addition to my regimen. I use this right after cleansing and toning before anything else. It takes just a tiny bit, one pump and then I spread over my face and neck. I have to say that it feels almost as if almost all the moisture in my skin is restored! I was honestly surprised at how well this worked. After looking at the ingredient list, I am not shocked though. This is a high end product. It has a very good ingredient base without any water in it. The hyaluronic acid in the product draws water into the skin, moisturizing it and keeping it quite soft. Only a tiny bit is needed for the whole face and neck, so it will definitely last at least 2 months if used at night alone. I found that I only needed to use it at night, but it can be used 2x a day if you have very parched skin. Because this works so well I don’t need such a heavy moisturizer either. As an Esthetician and a blogger, I get to try a number of skincare products. This is one of the few I really like. The reasons are the ingredients and the results.


Fountain of Youth serum is available in 1fl.oz./30ml. at a retail price of $90.00. This is approximately a six-week supply, when used twice daily. For more information, visit www.PURattitude.com. Like PURattitude on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/PURattitude/407549292627174; Follow Pur Attitude on Twitter: @PURattitude; Follow them on Instagram: http://instagram.com/purattitude#; subscribe to their YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiCZzboFxJyrY1ypp0gGiAg and Follow their Pinterest boards: http://pinterest.com/purattitude/.

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  1. I'm always sceptical about products that claim to be such miracle workers so I'm glad your experience was a positive one! It makes me a little less cynical xo

    1. I understand. It is normal for each product to make a "claim". That is why we have reviews, to see what the product is actually like. I did have a good experience with it. My skin feels great and looks better too. And since it is so expensive, you just need a tiny amount to make it last a long time.

  2. I'm with Emily, I tend to be wary of anything that makes big claims but glad you had a good experience :)

    1. I am too. Wary of anything that makes these types of claims! But, yes, my experience was pretty good.


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