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Monday, August 5, 2013

Review: Scientific Organics Eyelight Cream

scientific organics eyelight cream

In the past year I have noticed significant differences in the skin around my eyes. The skin above my eyes has become more crepey and slack while underneath I have more fine lines. Ugh. So what is a girl to do? This girl is getting down to business with some really serious skincare, that is what I am doing!

I have always used eye cream but I must up the ante now if I am to maintain control of the skin around my eyes so it doesn’t look like a crepey, saggy mess. I am lucky enough to get to try some serious skincare and I happy to do it! emerginC has a couple of new items that they say will help with these serious eye issues. And what is really great is that these items either are all natural or all natural and made with mostly organic ingredients!

Scientific Organics eyelight cream is a super-rich, all natural eye cream that contains a powerful combination of cupuacu butter, harvested from a tree in the Amazon known for hydration and nutritive benefits; asthaxanthin, a natural, super potent anti-oxidant that is more powerful than Vitamin C & E; grape stem cells, which work to maintain epidermal stem cell activity; aquacell, a natural blend of watermelon rind and lentil extract that helps to improve skin tone and hydration; Derm SRC, a bamboo and pea extract that reduces fine lines while exfoliating the skin; shea butter, apple extract and rose hip oil, all offering added hydration to the delicate skin of the eye. This cream is made with 70% organic ingredients, has a good amount of pure potent botanicals, is paraben-free, synthetic fragrance-free and is made without any animal ingredients or any animal testing. ($65.00 for 15 ml)

scientific organics eyelight cream pic

(photograph provided by Scientific Organics to show how eyelight cream works)

I have been using the cream for 3 weeks now and I have noticed some differences. The skin around my eyes is definitely brighter, the dark circles appear to have diminished somewhat. Also, the skin on my eyelids looks a little bit better (see below). Below are photos of my eyes without makeup on, look at how there is some crepiness at the base of the upper lid. This is actually decreased some compared to what it was a couple of weeks ago. I don’t expect miracles. No cream provides that. However, eyelight cream did work well enough that I would recommend it. This is a very light cream, you only need a tiny bit (yay) and can be used morning and night.




EyelightSerum_shortbottleThere is also eyelight serum, a lightweight super-absorbent, roll-on daily eye serum that also contains asthaxanthin, the powerful anti-oxidant; grape stem cells, which help regenerate skin. It also features Kombucha, a fermented tea which contains a variety of organic acids, amino acids, Vitamin B, Vitamin C and enzymes to hydrate and correct the skin’s pH balance to tighten pores, soothe skin and act as an anti-bacteria agent. A soothing mix of green tea, white tea, chamomile, pine bark, brown seaweed, yerba mate, hyaluronic acid and mallow provide hydration and anti-aging benefits to the eye area. ($55.00 for 10 ml)




(courtesy of www.emerginC.com)

The prices are comparatively good, considering they are made from all natural ingredients. I think they are good buys. I also like that the products absorbs fairly quickly into the skin. I think the other product, the eyelight serum, would work better for daytime use, as it is lighter in nature. It really depends on what your needs are.

Scientific Organics can be purchased from www.emerginc.com and www.skinstore.com. Their products can also be found at leading spas nationwide and Canada including Caesars Palace Las Vegas, The Wynn Las Vegas, The Four Seasons St. Louis, Trump International Miami and The Beverly Hilton CA. Like emerginC on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/emerginC; Follow them on Twitter: @emerginC and Follow their feed on Instagram: http://instagram.com/emerginc#.

(This item was provided for consideration)



  1. Wow, the pictures look ace, you have no dark circles!

    I never used to see the point in eye cream but once I started using one I'm never going back now. This looks really good and I'm always interested in natural products xo

    1. I know, eye cream is a savior. At my age it is now more than that though. It is one of the most essential things I can use to help my skin.


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