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Monday, August 26, 2013

Review: SinfulShine with Gel Tech Nail Polish

Sinful Shine with Gel Tech Nail Polish

If you are a regular reader of my blog you know I never do nail polish reviews. The reason behind this is that my nails are a complete mess. I was born with very soft nails that are extremely brittle and peel when I wear nail polish. I have tried so many different brands of nail polish on my fingernails and nothing has ever helped. So I have relegated nail polish to my toe nails. When I was approached about trying out SinfulShineTM with Gel TechTM Nail Polish, I jumped at the opportunity! I have always wanted to try out gel nails, as they seem the perfect solution to my awful nail problems.

The new SinfulShine™ high-gloss, high shine nail polish with Gel TechTM is a self-curing polymer formula that delivers the same high shine gloss as an acrylic UV cured gel without the hassle of a special lamp and gives you rich, opulent color.  SinfulShine™ was shown in a study to be five times more glossy than a patent leather shoe. SinfulShineTM is made in the USA, is formaldehyde, toluene and DPB free and never tested on animals. The polish has a Plasticizer System for smooth application that helps prevents chipping.

I picked two colors to try, Amazonian (sparkly jungle green) and Tan Lines (pinky beige). Both of these colors represent some of fall’s hottest hues.  SinfulShineTM with Gel TechTM  comes in 32 shades. I have seen the display in Walgreens (where it is exclusively available), and they all look so much fun! I decided to do my first at home manicure in a long time. I am not the best at applying polish by any means, so you have to excuse that. The whole point of this exercise is to see how the polish wears and to see if it indeed lives up to a gel polish. Excuse the application, I have nerve damage in my hand from a car accident!

Sinful Shine with Gel Tech_Amazonian

(above: Amazonian)

Sinful Shine with Gel Tech_Tan Lines

(above: Tan Lines)

I applied a base coat, SinfulShineTM with Gel TechTM  and then a top coat. My goal was to see how the polish would wear and to see how the shiny it would be. I wash my hands very often during the day because I have an immune disease and I need to keep from getting sick. So ideally I am not expecting the polish to last that long. For me it lasted a good 5 days without chipping and the patent shine also lasted those 5 days. I am shocked. Seriously shocked. I have never had a nail polish last longer than 2 days without chipping. I am so happy!!!!! This is definitely something I would try again and now I have to go and try a few more colors. With 32 colors to choose from (and I saw the display at Walgreens, the colors are gorgeous!!!!), I have a few in mind I want to try out. So glad I was able to try out this polish. My awful nails will now have a reason to wear something nice for a special occasion!

The SinfulShineTM with Gel TechTM  Nail Polish is $2.99 and is available exclusively at Walgreens stores. For more information visit www.sinfulcolors.com. Like Sinful Colors on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sinfulcolors; Follow Sinful Colors on Twitter: @SinfulColors_NP and Follow Sinful Colors on Instagram: http://instagram.com/sinfulcolors#.

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  1. Love the green one :) so pretty!

  2. Love the pink colour, so pretty!

  3. Amazonian looks gorgeous, perfect for Christmas!
    I hope we get these in the UK, I love the regular Sinful Colors line :)

    Jess xo

  4. You said you used "a top coat" when the whole point of the Sinfulshine system is to use their top coat! An ingredient in the top coat is intended to work with an ingredient in the polish to cure. I don't know how you got a 5 day result using any ole top coat. If you're going to review a product at least do the company justice by testing the product correctly


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