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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Rise and Shine! Wake Up Dormant Stem Cells to Reveal Younger, Radiant Skin

Rise and Shine! Wake Up Dormant Stem Cells to Reveal Younger, Radiant Skin

rg-cell1I wanted to reach out about a new technologically advanced, concentrated restorative skin serum from Timeslip Solutions called RG-Cell. The serum contains a unique proprietary blend of stem cell activators programmed to protect skin and visibly fight aging at the cellular level for a beautiful, youthful complexion with just a few drops a day.

This process is scientifically proven to reactivate dormant stem cells for effective skin rejuvenation and regeneration. Using Double-layered Nano-Encapsulation Technology, RG-Cell has effectively improved delivery into dermal layers of the skin unlike ever before. The recently patented technology guarantees that the cosmeceutical penetrates deeply into the skin, reaching the basal layer where the stem cells reside.

“The formula awakens dormant stem cells, teaching them new tricks on how to differentiate, proliferate and migrate to areas of imperfect and aging skin,” says founder Dr. Luiza Petre. “By stimulating fibroblast production of collagen, skin’s firmness and elasticity increases while the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles are reduced for smoother, radiant and more youthful-looking skin.”

Numerous studies have shown RG-Cell's carefully selected ingredients to be both safe and effective. No other product on the market uses a naturally derived combination of ingredients that is scientifically proven to support RG-Cell’s claims.

rg-cell2Results from Clinical Studies:

· 75% of clients reported reduced redness and less irritation to applied areas of dried, damaged skin IN JUST 5 DAYS

· 75% of clients showed improved skin elasticity and firmness IN JUST 2 WEEKS

· 90 % of clients showed a significant increase in moisture retention IN JUST 4 WEEKS

· 80 % of clients said their skin’s overall appearance was improved and healthier-looking IN JUST 4 WEEKS

RG-Cell Concentrated Restorative Skin Serum uses ingredients that stimulate anti-aging, epidural growth, and cellular proliferation, including Human Oligopeptide-1 (EGF), Blue Green Algae Extract (AFA), Soy Phyto-Placenta Extract, Adenosine, and Hyaluronic Acid.

RG-Cell is available for $99.99 at doctors’ offices and spas nationwide and online via www.rg-cell.com. 


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