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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Discover Some Fun! Sigma Beauty Crème de Couture Eye Shadow Palette and Blushes

Sigma Creme de Couture Eye Shadow PaletteCreme de Couture Eye Shadow Palette

(Crème de Couture Eye Shadow Palette)

When I discovered Sigma Beauty, I knew I discovered another beauty brand that is destined to be great. This brand puts out makeup that has the highest quality brushes and finest pigmented cosmetics. I am so over MAC. Ever since Estee Lauder bought them their quality has just dwindled to almost an unbearable level of hideousness that I rarely ever purchase from them any more. Sigma Beauty is going to be the new, hip brand along with Illamasqua and Inglot, I guarantee it!

This Fall/Autumn they bucked the Goth inspired trend and decided to play up the bright color flow with their Crème de Couture Eye Shadow Palette and Crème de Couture Blushes, all inspired by delectably sweet French macarons. The eye shadow set has 16 candy colored eye shadows, all matte shades (how devilish and irresistible!) while the three blushes are so different that anyone will be clamoring to get their hands on them. I just adore how different these are. The set is fun. So much fun. The eye shadows are soft, creamy and have very little to no fallout. They wear well all day long. The blushes are pigmented and look great all day without fading.

Sigma Creme de Couture Blushes

(All Three Crème de Couture Blushes)

Sigma Creme de Couture Blush_Blackberry Essence

(Blackberry Essence)

Sigma Creme de Couture Blush_Cherry Apple

(Cherry Apple)

Sigma Creme de Couture Blush_ Strawberry Ambrosia

(Strawberry Ambrosia)


Creme de Couture Eye Shadow palette_ swatches first two rows

(Swatches of the First Two Rows: Redberry Rose, Apricot Flower, Passion Fruit, Cherry Blossom, Meyer Lemon, Ginger Pumpkin, Café Au Lait, Blueberry Cream)

Creme de Couture Eye Shadow palette_swatches second two rows

(Swatche of the Second Two Rows: Violet Whip, Lavender Honey, Cassis, Elderberry, Blue Chocolat, Crème de Menthe, Citron Pistachio_

Creme de Couture Blushes_swatches

(Swatches of: Strawberry Ambrosia, Blackberry Essence and Cherry Apple)


My Look With Crème de Couture:

I am a normal 42-year old mom in a normal universe. So I try to do looks that I could get away with in public and not have people stare at me. Those are always the basis for my looks. This look was just lets go do errands and doctor’s appointments! I loved that there was a brown and a brownish-nude shade. This way I had something to use in my crease. And I could use anything on the lid to liven up my eyes. I chose Passion Fruit in the crease (brownish-nude) and then Café au Lait as a liner under the lid and to use on the outer portion of the top lid. I also used it a little bit in my crease just to fake it so it looks like I actually have a normal lid. Then I used the beautiful Blueberry Cream blue on my lid, which looks great with the brown. I used Violet Whip (lavender) under the brow to bring the whole look together. This time I tried a new liquid liner, with an angle tip. I hated it. It was from Milani and every time I tried to place color on my lid it tugged and the whole thing looked awful. It ended up ragged and I thought this looks stupid. For mascara I used YSL’s Babydoll in black (LOVE). On my cheeks I used the Crème de Couture blush in Blackberry Essence to contour and then the Strawberry Ambrosia on the main apple of the cheeks. The look calls for a nude lip, Laura Mercier’s Bare Naked Lip Gloss.




These eye shadows and blushes are awesome! I love them and think that Sigma Beauty has done it again. The whole set is $55.00 right now. The eye shadow palette alone is $32.00, each blush is $12.00. Right now if you order from me you can use this code: LJW2013 and get 10% off through the 30th of September.

Like Sigma Beauty on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sigmafanpage; Follow SigmaBeauty on Twitter: @SigmaBeauty; Subscribe to Sigma Beauty on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/SigmaShopping; Follow SigmaBeauty on Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/sigma_beauty/ and Follow Sigma Beauty on Instagram: http://instagram.com/sigmabeauty#.


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