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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Disappointing…MAC RiRi Fall Collection! #MAC #MACRiRi #RiRi Fall

MAC RiRi Fall itemsMAC RiRi Fall Items Open

This had all the promise of a great collection. Millions of people waited in line, online, while in a little “room” so they could order this cute collection of the MAC Rihanna items that was going to be fabulous. Until it wasn’t. I paid full price for this and I wish I hadn’t. I think I am going to send the eye shadow quads back because I don’t need to spend this much money on eye shadows that are this poorly pigmented. MAC, why do I even bother any more?

Where do I start? There are so many other brands these days that can give me a cute collection that actually has pigment in the eye shadows, and lip glosses that are not just all the same shade every time a new collection comes out. I swear. I have to stop buying MAC. I am unhappy with my purchases. I was really hoping that this time I would come out with a winner. This one promised to be it. The new guard so to say. I waited 2 hours to order this stuff!!!!! This is all I could come out with after all that time…

What I got and why it is so disappointing.


MAC Rihanna Her  Cocoa

Her Cocoa Eye Shadow x 4

MAC Rihanna Smoked Cocoa

Smoked Cocoa Eye Shadow x 4

MAC Rihanna Hibiscus Kiss

Hibiscus Kiss Blush

MAC Penultimate Eyeliner Point Black

Penultimate Eye Liner Point Black


The eye shadows look gorgeous, don’t they? Especially Her Cocoa. I was in love with it. But when only a couple of the shades in the $44.00 quad actually have good pigmentation. The same goes for the Smoked Cocoa quad. That is $88.00 for essentially 4 eye shadows. I am not happy. I can normally work with eye shadows that have some pigmentation issues but I expect more from MAC. They are, or were, known for their quality. I think it has slipped lately though. Personally, Smoked Cocoa is just about one of the worst eye shadow palettes I have ever used. I actually like the blush, it is an interesting shade to use. I contour then use the pink over the apples of my cheeks. The eyeliner is a gorgeous “patent” black and looks great on but is hard to make sure it goes on evenly. I will say they have little to no fallout on the eye though.


Her Cocoa swatches

Her Cocoa x4 swatches

(look at how pigment the first two on the left are compared to the two on the right are)

Smoked Cocoa swatches

Smoked Cocoa x4 swatches

(look how light each shadow is and how little pigment there is to each one)

look with MAC RiRi Fall_1 (2)

Look with Her Cocoa. The Penultimate liner looks nice, right?

look with MAC RiRi Fall_1 (1)

As you can see, some of the eye shadows are lacking in pigment.

Honestly I am not sure if I am going to keep purchasing MAC products. I am a sucker for their items because they look so nice but lately a bunch of items that I purchase lack pigment and I end up feeling the need to return them. These items cost way too much money for me to be disappointed!




  1. I honestly liked seeing Her Cocoa quad but when purchasing it for some reason it was never added to my cart. I am such a sucker for their lipsticks and I was glad I got my hands on the Riri Woo l/s and l/l. Talk that talk looked amazing but so much bad reviews as to it being a bit patchy. Thanks for your review!

    1. I had issues too. I was lucky to get anything and I am sad now. :(

  2. Avon has beautiful eye palettes. If you would likeito give Avon a try come shop my online store at www.youravon.com/stephanietyson.

    1. Thanks for coming here to spam with the Avon. Thanks but no thanks.

  3. The Her Cocoa quad does look gorgeous, what a shame the pigmentation is so poor! I'd be really disappointed, too :(

    Jess xo

  4. Well ... And when you think that MAC tests on animals makes the bummer even bigger :/

  5. Wow I have heard os many great things about this collection now I am scared to buy it -_-

    1. It's a hit or miss. I would not get it off of ebay at those infated prices. Not worth it.

  6. MAC's quality always seems to be all over the place. I think they are more genius at marketing than anything else :-)

  7. Crazy you managed to do your eyes better than the ad. Love the way you did you make up! Looks gorgeous!

    1. Thank you so much! I appreciate the lovely compliment! Really, that is so sweet!!!!!!

  8. I have noticed that M.A.C.'s single eye shadows are FAR more pigmented than any of their palettes (besides if you buy the singles and make your own palette). I have 3 quads and 3 holiday palettes and I find that there are usually 2 or 3 that are really pigmented and the others, not so much. I have 20+ singles and most of those are all very pigmented.

    1. Tanya, you are so right. I do find this too. The singles are great. My favorite is the one reddish brown from the Barbie line that came out. I have it still and I wish they would keep it permanent. I used to be such a huge MAC fan. Now I am really into Illamasqua and OCC.

    2. I haven't strayed too far from MAC. I started with Clinique/Elizabeth Arden/Lancome working at Macy's in college. Then I moved to MAC and now mainly use MAC, Urban Decay, and Too Faced. I do want to venture out a little. I need to check out the brands you mentioned above.


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