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Monday, October 28, 2013

Re-Blog From LA-Story.com: Getting the #SteamPunk Look through Makeup! It's a SteamPunk Halloween #SteamPunkGoggles

Below is a post that LA-Story maven Stevie Wilson wrote about SteamPunk. I helped out with the makeup chart. I hope you will find your Halloween costume here!


This post is about the SteamPunk trend that I have been blogging and tweeting about. The beautiful part about this campaign is I was able to explore an emerging trend that actually fit into my life quite easily. Little did I know that I had more "SteamPunk" going on than I thought! Realizing that and knowing my boots, hats, gloves, quirky jewelry, shredded denim and more interesting fashion choices fit neatly into this trend. So given that fashion is really about very personal choices, I would suggest that you get to choose your basic outfits for SteamPunk yourself with inspiration from various sites like Pinterest and other spots tied into SteamPunk. The next option for anyone dying to get into SteamPunk would be makeup. Given that most women have a ton of cosmetic products already, there is likely to be some overlap between what is listed here and what you have. Even if there isn't any overlap, you can get the jist of what is listed here and find other less pricey options or even try other lines entirely. When I got done with the first post about SteamPunk, I noticed that makeup was key and definitely part of the entire look for women in the SteamPunk world. But... there are products that guys could use too. Think Panic in the Disco and push it a notch further and yeah.. there's definitely things for the guys. Whether it's glueing metal pieces onto your face (*use eye lash glue) or creating a grubby eye look with a smudgey black, charcoal or brown eye pencil and smudging it and lightly coating it with vasoline (the quick & dirty method) or the next option which is more user-friendly, glycerin. (Why glycerin? If you get it in your eyes, you do not have to rinse your eyes out a ton nor see a doctor.) for the mechanical dirty eye look. Works equally well for women too. Also there is a mud masque product that would do the job: StimuL8 Mud mask. It's a very cool and effective skincare treatment and it can give you that dirty look really easily. Just apply in small dabs and smooth it out. DO BE CAREFUL using this around your eyes. It's really made out of mud-- or earth. So be cautious. However to get REALLY into the game, I turned to my friend Marie P. of IAmTHEMakeupJunkie.blogspot.com. As a licensed aesthetician and a makeup artist, she's a great resource for makeup and beauty tips. I asked Marie if she would put together a virtual face chart of products she would recommend for creating a great SteamPunk look. She agreed to do it!! Double Yay!! The post below is what Marie wrote -- with a few additions by me at the end. She's done a fabulous job at providing tips on what to do for Halloween and any other time you might want to go public with your "look". Between what she pulled in products and others that I would suggest to you as alternatives, there's a lot here for you to choose from. When she read my blog post about SteamPunk fashion and lifestyle trends, Marie told me she realized she knew a lot of SteamPunk people! (Hah! It's catching up to mainstream)

2-women alice-in-wonderalnd


Steampunk’d fashion, cosplay and makeup is all the rage in sci-fi circles right now. The look is reminiscent of Gothic imagery and futuristic fantasy. gogglesmetal-face

This look is inspired by the photos above. To get the Steampunk’d look you can use the following products: Use a foundation that has full coverage, to smooth out the face and give a porcelain finish, using a foundation brush gives the smoothest coverage and is the best way to apply. I highly recommend the Good Karma Optical Blurring Brush from Urban Decay (no animals were harmed in the making of this brush!). kat von d lock-it tattoo foundationurban-decay-optic-brush

Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Foundation is a good choice for foundation, she has a wide range of shades, her coverage is impeccable and it lasts all day. This is serious foundation. However, too much can look mask like. To set eye shadow use UD Eye Primer Potion original on eyes. occ skin conceal

Should concealer be needed to cover up anything like blemishes, use OCC Skin Conceal. It is a great concealer, there are many shades and it covers well.

 mufe hd microfinish powder

Regardless of whether you use concealer or not, use High Definition powder such as Make Up For Ever HD Microfinish Powder to set makeup. Steampunk’d eyes are smoky. Almost a modern “Goth”. Use Illamasqua’s infamous Pure Pigments to smoke out the eye and give them depth. fervent pure pigment

Use Fervent (reddish brown with blue, green and silver flecks) all along the lid. android

Add Android (shimmering charcoal black) to the outer corner of the eye, up into the crease, and line underneath the eye with a precision eye brush.


Blend Android out with Furore (champagne peach shimmer), which is used under the brow to highlight. Line the upper lid with a liquid liner. illamasqua precision ink

Illamasqua’s Precision Ink in Abyss (gloss black) is amazing and stays all day. For a more defined eye, use a dark black liner such as Urban Decay’s 24/7 Glide-On Eye Liner in Zero under the eye to define. This can be used even on the waterline. mac-in-extreme-dimension-la

Mascara is MAC In Extreme Dimension 3D Black, which gives the lashes volume and length without any clumps. Arched-Defining-Brow-Liner-

A key element to any great makeup is that your brows are defined and well-groomed. I like this EM by Michelle Phan ARCHED Brow Defining Pencil which is pencil + spoolie that will color and groom your brows. Available in 5 colors, there's sure to be one that works for you! MAC-Sheertone-Blush-Blushba

In a Steampunk’d look blush is light, cheeks have just the barest flush of color. MAC Blushbaby (sheer-tone beige pink) is perfect for the look. sephoral universal lip liner Lips can go two ways: soft and nude or dark and edgy. Make sure to line lips so that lipstick stays on longer. I recommend SEPHORA Waterproof Uinversal Lip Liner, a clear liner that works for all shades.


For the soft and nude look MAC Crème d’Nude (cremesheen) is a gorgeous pale, muted peach beige that will contrast the darkness of the eyes nicely.

MAC Diva lipstick

If you want to go edgy, MAC Diva a dark matte reddish burgundy will look great too. Look created by: Marie Papachatzis Photos provided by Stevie Wilson, www.sephora.com, www.independent.co.uk, www.dontyouwishyouhadsomemore.blogspot.com, www.amazon.com, www.maccosmetics.com We always want to be edgy!! That's why I liked turning to Marie for her thoughts! We noodled around a bit on different brands too. If you are looking for less coverage in a foundation or want something a bit more "glowing" as a finish, check out the L'Oreal True Blend Foundation collection. You can find a pretty great match with this inexpensive line. If you want something that lasts well, Lancome's Teint Miracle is a good choice too. For eyes, Illamasqua's Fervent is a great loose pigment. I have it and it works with so many eye colors! While not being black (kind of cool not to go black), it allows one to work with a broader color palette and get shimmer, iridescence and flash into the mix. Look for a similar color in eyeliner if you want to emphasize the hue more-- like the Illamasqua liquid eyeliner in burgundy brown- really pretty! If you want to shift colors and try a different liner/shadow presentation, I would suggest NARS Eyepaints! This new eyeshadow meets eyeliner and lots more in a jar is definitely worth the money. Available in 10 shades including gold, silver, olive , turquoise plus some "black + ____" (green, purple and blue) along with neutrals, there's are lots of options. Halloween works in the world of color- so definitely jump into a store near you with NARs to get one of these great paint. Check youtube.com for a terrific "how-to" video. It's an eyeliner, a sheer color and an opaque color. You can also pat in glitter shadow and the paint will hold the glitter pretty much without fall-out. Worth the price tag if you choose the right color. I have the Mozambique and the Mesopotamia. I love mascara and I have at least 15 of them in my kit from drugstore to specialty store. I love the Eyes to Kill mascara from Giorgio Armani Beauty. The specific choice in the ETK collection is Eyes to Kill Excess. In my book there is no such thing as too long lashes! The density of the pigment and lengthening and thickness of lashes is unparalleled in any mascara I have seen. However if you want a drugstore mascara, check out Rimmel's Lash Accelerator in Extreme Black is a great option. In the area of cheek color or blush, do check out these couple of alternatives: Covergirl has a great blush that offers you tonal variations which gives a lot of bang for your beauty dollars! The Clean Glow blush is a great option in 3 colors: Roses, Spices and Peaches! The price tag is under $9 and often under $8! If you want more depth in your blush, goes NARS for an amazing blush. I am running into more neutral peaches with a hint of pink! Gilda is the shade I choose. If you want to do a different lip color, decide if you want to do neutral with a bit of pop or if you want get crazy great into color. If you want serious color, check out CoverGirl's Blast Flipstick Lipcolor in either Intense or Vixen! It gives you two different shades to play with- so you can go neutral or you can go bold! Thanks to Marie Papachatzis for the great look and items she has curated for you. My suggestions were just that- suggestions! You can find all this and a lot more scoop on Marie P's Blog: I Am THE Makeup Junkie.blogspot.com's Blog! https://twitter.com/iammakeupjunkie https://www.facebook.com/IAmTHEMakeupJunkie google plus Pinterest Instagram If you want to check out what you have in your kit do so and create what you can of this look from your kit before Halloween... then buy what else you need! Have a blast playing with the makeup. If you want to glue things on your face, I would highly suggest eyelash adhesive. It's relatively waterproof but easily removed! Now that you have the make-up done, the creating of the details of your outfit are yours to play with. Hopefully by now you have ordered goggles (one great place is www.steampunkgoggles.com and there are others you can find on pinterest as well . My next post will feature my goggles and what I am doing with them! Hopefully I will be able to show you what I have created both in makeup and goggles- and possibly a costume. N.B. This post is part of a campaign. If you know me, you know that I don't do anything I don't believe in. PERIOD! This post is something that I worked with and you will see other posts that feature similar content for the campaign. It's a great time to be diving into Steampunk and Cos Play! Happy Halloween! Stevie Wilson, LA-Story.com


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