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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Review: 3 Sisters Restorasis Rehydrating Skin Repair Complex & Rehydrating Complex Activator #3Sisters

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3 sisters restorasis

Now a days all kinds of new types of skincare are being developed. These products are special in that they are specifically targeted for certain conditions and specific areas of aging skin. 3 Sisters Restorasis (developed by the Sylvana Institute for Medical Aesthetics, LLC in Frederick, Maryland) has developed skincare that targets cell function and uses the science of Biomimicry and Hydro-Biomimetics to create products that will work to help enhance nature’s healing mechanism, allowing for skin cells to age slower. Biomimetics is based around the structural processes of nature, such as silk cocooning and bone modeling. The two items I am going to discuss today work in conjunction with each other, so that they provide the most optimum way to help your skin look younger. The Rehydrating Skin Repair Complex & Activator consist of a mist and a serum that are used together and when used properly compliment each other.

The Rehydrating Complex Activator contains 70 trace minerals in a water based spray for cellular function. These minerals are derived from 70 million year old plants that are mined in Utah and the activator has no artificial ingredients added. It accelerates hydration and opens pores to help the Skin Repair Complex penetrate. It can be used alone but works better if used in conjunction with the Skin Repair Complex.

The Skin Repair Complex has only naturally occurring ingredients, doesn’t contain any synthetic emulsifiers, humectants, coloring or scents. Here is how the complex works: skin cells produce energy but they also produce reactive oxygen species (ROS).  The strongest is known as hydrogen peroxide, which damages your skin cells & shortens the lifespan. The strongest is known as hydrogen peroxide, which damages your skin cells & shortens the lifespan. The complex contains something called Brassical Lipid Complex (BLC), which helps penetrates the skin cell wall to help heal them back to solid health and prolong their life-span. It is the only water based repair complex that can be delivered to the cell at the physiologic level to allow the skin to heal itself naturally.

To use: mist face with the Rehydrating Complex Activator, making sure to have eyes closed. Then apply the Skin Repair Complex. The complex is an unusual cream/serum. Because it is all natural it has a yellow-orange appearance with a fairly strong odor. Make sure to apply the complex quickly, as it is very tacky and really needs the activator to help emulsify.

This is the first time I have ever used such an interesting duo of skincare ingredients. The Rehydrating Complex Activator is definitely tingly when sprayed on the face, you can feel it is not just a normal facial spritz. Then when you apply the complex, (which is not greasy at all but more of a sticky, tacky kind of serum) break down and smooth out. After application it dries down to kind of an interesting feeling on the face, it feels like you have a product on. It doesn’t really sink in so much as it just just really dries down on the face. You can however apply creams on top of it and then the feeling goes away. This is what I do.

So, what do I think of these products? The science behind them is interesting, that is true. I like that they are addressing the idea of helping to heal the skin cells and prevent new damage and not just only erase damage that has already been done. The women who developed these two items are physicians, so they are aware of how skin works and what goes on during the aging process. Also, the products are all natural, which is very nice. They use ingredients that have been shown to work very well and are not harmful to the skin or the body. Did I notice any difference in my skin? I am not someone who has too many problems with my skin, a couple of minor fine lines and some photo-aging (sun damage). I do think that I did notice my skin looks like the hyperpigmentation has decreased some. My skin is definitely firmer and the line that I have been worrying about looks less frightening! These products are nice preventative and repair agents in one.

The Rehydrating Complex Activator is $36.00 (4.3 oz./130 ml.) on its own. The Skin Repair Complex is $135.00 (1 oz./30 ml.). They can be purchased together for $171.00.

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