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Saturday, October 19, 2013


Featuring an Ultrasonic Piezo Microchip Inside the Brush Head

emmi-dent web readyEmmi-Ultrasonic Inc. is harnessing the technology developed in its German & Swiss subsidiaries and have brought a clinically tested deep cleaning method for teeth and gums to the US market, using a proprietary combination of ultrasound and nano-technologies. Presenting Emmi-dent, a 100% ultrasound oral hygiene device that gently, yet powerfully, cleans teeth and gums without the need for traditional brushing. Emmi-dent has already become incredibly popular in Germany, Switzerland and France.

Ultrasound technology has long been used in dental offices to clean patients’ teeth and remove tartar. However, Emmi-dent is the first to take this technology and embed it into a consumer-operated oral hygiene system containing an integrated ultrasonic piezo chip. The ultrasound waves generated work in conjunction with Emmi-dent’s proprietary Nano-Bubble toothpaste, which create billions of nano-bubbles that are 1000x smaller than bacteria. As you use Emmi-dent, these nano-bubbles implode through the help of the ultrasound waves, destroying plaque, tartar, food particles and bacteria. The bottom line? Emmi-dent cleans where traditional toothbrushes and power brushes can’t, all without any abrasiveness or damage to tooth enamel or gums.

“Emmi-dent’s motionless, ultrasound cleaning method results in cleaner, whiter teeth and gums within just a few days, with no harsh, harmful abrasion,” said Emmi Ultrasonic CEO, Peer Blumenschein. “We have spent years studying and perfecting ultrasound technology to be able to deliver it in a safe, yet powerful way that for years has only been available to professionals. Now, we want to re-educate the world on how to clean their teeth and tell everyone to ‘Stop Brushing!’”

How To Use Emmi-dent

It might be a challenge, but the secret to using Emmi-dent is NOT to brush! (Then why is there a brush, you ask? The bristles act as the delivery system for the nano-bubbles in the toothpaste.)

Step One: Hold the brush head briefly under running water.

Step Two: Apply two small dabs of Emmi-dent Nano-Bubble toothpaste to the bristles. Do NOT use any other toothpaste as only Emmi-dent’s proprietary toothpaste produces the billions of microscopic, non-abrasive nano-bubbles needed to work in conjunction with the piezo chip.

Step Three: Gently distribute the toothpaste onto the teeth.

Step Four: Gently hold the bristles against the teeth. Do NOT brush! Bristles should span across 2-3 teeth. Hold the brush head for 5-10 seconds and then move on to the next set of teeth, both inside and out and on the chewing surface.

Step Five: Rinse the brush head and handle under running water for 20 seconds while the device is still on to kill any bacteria on the brush.

Emmi-dent helps prevent bleeding gums, tooth decay and bad breath and is ideal for those with sensitive teeth, gingivitis, periodontitis or for anyone seeking a healthy, clean, whiter smile (Emmi-dent helps remove coffee, tea, cigarette and wine stains in a completely non-abrasive way) without using harsh chemicals or whiteners. It is safe for use on crowns, veneers, implants and dentures as well as braces (Emmi-dent offers a special Ortho brush just for brace wearers). Emmi-dent was awarded first prize in the “Prevention and Health” category at the International Dental Exhibition Pragodent Prague in October 2011 and continues to gain positive attention by users and dentists worldwide.

An Emmi-dent starter kit is $189 and includes a hand piece, charging station, two brush heads, and Emmi-dent Nano-bubble toothpaste. Toothpaste and brush head refills can be purchased separately. All are available via www.emmi-dent.com or www.amazon.com.


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