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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Review: ASAP Skin Products Travel Pack #ASAPSkincare

ASAP Travel Pack

ASAP Skincare is a professional line used by many physicians and estheticians because of the high quality ingredients and the high quality of the products themselves. This line uses ingredients such as alpha hydroxy acids and several types of anti-oxidants that create fast results so that you will see the difference in your skin. The line is affordable and the product range is concise, so that caring of the skin is the number one priority.

The Travel Pack is a great way to try out a few of the ASAP Skincare products and get acquainted with the line. It consists of a Daily Facial Cleanser, Daily Exfoliating Scrub and the Moisturizing Daily Defense SPF 30+. These three products ensure that a daily regimen can always be maintained. Let’s discuss each product.

  • Daily Facial Cleanser-1.69 fl. oz./50 ml.- a rich oil-free formula that contains alpha-hydroxy acids to deeply clean the skin of any extraneous skin cells, dirt, grime and makeup. The website says you can use it to clean off eye makeup, but because it contains the AHAs, I would NOT use it on the eyes. It does the leave the skin soft and smooth, without over-drying it. I think this is a fabulous cleanser for normal to drier skins.
  • Daily Exfoliating Facial Scrub1.69 fl. oz./ 50 ml.- this scrub contains alpha hydroxy acids and smooth beads to exfoliate the skin. It is not irritating nor over-drying. Also leaves skin feeling soft and smooth. Used in conjunction with cleanser, skin will feel very soft and very smooth every day. This is the type of scrub that can be used daily, it is so gentle. Anyone can use this scrub, it is that gentle!
  • Moisturizing Daily Defense SPF 30+- 1.69 fl. oz./50 ml.- a broad spectrum sunscreen and moisturizer that should be used every morning. It does contain chemical agents for the sunscreen but also has mineral agents such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. It is a well rounded moisturizer, as it has hyaluronic acid to attract moisture to the skin. It is rich and might not be good for those with really oily skin types. I think it will work best for those with normal and dry skins. Combination skins could use this but probably only in the Fall and Winter. Make sure to always use a sunscreen!

The items in the Travel Pack are available in full sizes from ASAP Skincare. Currently the line is available on www.skinstore.com. This Travel Pack is $79.00 on their website. The sizes are pretty good and will last a long time, several months in fact! I have tried several things from this line so far and like or love everything I have tried. The line is a good, professional line that is one of the better “pro lines” I have tried. Check out www.asapskinproducts.com to find out where ASAP Skincare is sold near you. Like ASAP Skincare on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/asapskinproducts and Subscribe to ASAP Skincare on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/ASAPSkinProducts.

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  1. I could really use the Daily Facial Cleanser. I don't o a good enough job of cleaning my skin and as I age, it's starting to show.

    Thanks for linking up to my weekly Bloglovin Hop (http://www.journeysofthezoo.com/category/bloglovin-hop). I hope that you make some friends and thanks for the support.

    Besos, Sarah
    Blogger at Journeys of The Zoo
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  2. Sarah, if you need some help with picking out Skincare, I can help! I love the blog hop!


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