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Monday, November 25, 2013

Review: Authentic Skin Remedies Organic Bath Products #organicskincare

Recently I was able to try out some products from Authentic Skin Remedies, an organic skin care and bath product company that believes in making all natural and organic products. The founder, Amu Rueda, is a survivor of Stage 3 neuroendocrine cancer of the appendix and Mother of 3. She was diagnosed at age 35. Her cancer was environmentally based. She decided to detoxify her body after her diagnosis and thus her company was born. I  am happy to say I tried three products from the line and am excited to discuss them here!

polish sugar exfoliating scrub

POLISH: Sugar Exfoliating Buff: This scrub comes in two scents, Island Bamboo or Italian Lavender. It is great for dry skin or and skin that needs some TLC. Contains brown sugar crystals infused with Avocado oil that helps to improve circulation and helps to act as a body cleanser. The cleanser eliminates skin impurities to make skin glow and become more radiant. The great thing about this is that it can be used all over the body! Massage a small amount of this on area to be “cleansed” with fingertips and wait until it is absorbed. Rinse.

I like that this scrub is gentle, that is because it is made of sugar crystals. I tried the Italian Lavender scent and normally I am not a big fan of lavender but this was light enough that it didn’t bother me. The scrub is a very nice scrub, will work well on any area that needs some exfoliation. What is nice is that what is left over is the scent, so I ended up smelling like lavender all day, which is not bad! $39.00

gloss essential bath and body oil

GLOSS: Essential Bath and Body Oil: an emollient oil that can be used for the face, hair and body. It contains avocado oil and sunflower seed oil as these best mimic the skin’s natural oils. It great with Quench to help increase hydration of the skin. Use on the hair to help with frizziness or flyaways, soften nail cuticles, massage onto dry heels or is good for a pre-shave oil. Also this is great as a body oil to help dry skin.Comes in two scents, Island Bamboo and Italian Lavender. Depending upon use, application will vary. If using as a body oil,  use on damp skin. For hair, use a few drops on palm, rub around them apply to hair.

I like that this oil seems to sink into the skin right away. For me, I have really dry skin, so I need some extra hydration. Using it on my hair was okay, as long as I didn’t use too much. I think this oil is great for the body. It works okay on the heels but they need to have the calluses removed first. $33.00

quench nourishing face and body lotion

QUENCH: Nourishing Face and Body Lotion: It is unusual to have a lotion that can be used for both the face and body. Quench is a rich moisturizing balm is used for both. It nourishes both parched face and body without leaving a sticky film. It is fragranced with Tahitian Coconut. This balm contains Sunflower Seed Oil, Jojoba Oil, Sesame Seed Oil and Shea Butter just to name a few. Both of those are great for dry, dehydrated skin. It is multipurpose: facial cream. body lotion. under eye cream, hand cream, d├ęcolletage, foot balm, and for use on a pregnant belly.

I found this cream to be very rich but it does sink in right away. That is a very nice thing about it. It is definitely a good cream for dehydrated and parched skin. I think this would be a great cream for those with extremely dry skin. $45.00


These are just a few of the offerings from Authentic Skin Remedies. They have a full line of skin care items, such as cleansers and moisturizers. Their approach is a five-step regimen for the face. And they also offer two masks. I was lucky enough to try the Bath and Body line items. The products they make employ highly active hydrating trace minerals, pure vitamins and live energy from plants that mimic the skin’s natural chemistry. To restore the individual balance in the skin, it restores the authentic skin. Authentic Skin Remedies offers highly concentrated plant-based skin care that is focused on natural resources at their main ingredients, many of which are certified organic plant materials. They offer products that are all natural, paraben-free and cruelty free. Go to www.authenticskinremedies.com for a look at their products. I have a feeling that you will be interested in the founder’s story and definitely in her products.

Like Authentic Skin Remedies on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/authenticskinremedies; Follow Authentic Skin Remedies on Twitter: @authenticskin and Follow Authentic Skin Remedies on Instagram: http://instagram.com/authenticskinremedies# and Subscribe to Authentic Skin Remedies on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmW-mQVaxtqWxDx8Yjem9pQ?feature=watch; and Follow on Bellashoot: http://bellashoot.com/p/11544 and Follow Authentic Skin Remedies on Tumblr: http://authenticskin.tumblr.com/.

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