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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Review: organix Keratin Oil Hair Care #organix

organix keratin oil hair care

I’m a big fan of organix hair care products, they have many lines for many different kinds of hair needs. These lines are well produced. They do not have sulfates, are safe for all types of hair (even color treated hair) and almost all of their lines contain argan oil. My color treated hair does well with the organix lines. It ends up being quite soft and manageable. So I was excited to try out the new Keratin Oil line.

This newest line, organix Keratin Oil, is rich in keratin proteins that help to reinforce each strand of hair and keep it from breaking. Keratin helps to increase the hair’s elasticity and to resist breakage that is caused by brushing and organix keratin shampoostyling. Argan oil helps to condition and smooth the hair, creating a luminescent shine throughout. Each strand is strengthened  from within and nourished for longer and stronger hair.

Shampoo $7.99: helps to defend against split ends and fly-aways. Helps hair to grow long and strong. I did not get to try this out but if it is anything like their other shampoos, I imagine that it will be great at cleansing and adding softness, shine and manageability.

organix keratin conditioner

Conditioner $7.99: leaves hair feeling soft and shiny. Helps to defend against split ends and fly-aways. Helps to grow hair that is long and strong. This conditioner left my hair shiny, soft and very easy to manage. Excellent way to condition the hair.

organix 3 minute miraculous recovery

3 Minute Miraculous Recovery $7.99 : This is the star of the line. A super strengthening treatment that helps to strengthen hair in 3 minutes. Recover from any “bad hair day” with this treatment in 3 minutes. The best way to use is to apply to wet hair and leave on under saran wrap for a few minutes then rinse. Hair will be soft, shiny and feel like new hair. I love hair masks and this is one of my favorites right now. It is thick but when it goes on it isn’t heavy and goopy like most. It stays on the hair, even if you decide to use it in the shower. After washing it out, hair is left extremely soft, very shiny and almost like virgin hairorganix instant repair styling oil. Since I color my hair it can feel like straw. I need something that will make it feel like new. This does the trick. The Argan Oil also helps to leave hair shiny and gorgeous looking!

Instant Repair Weightless Healing Oil $7.99: A styling oil rich in keratin proteins that helps to keep hair healthy from over styling. Can be used on damp hair (spray all over hair then style as usual) or spray on dry hair to help keep fly-aways at bay. I wear my hair wavy and straight, so this helps to keep it looking shiny no matter what I decide on doing to it. I spray it on before I use the blow dryer and it really does help to soften it and add lots of shine. The oil repairs the cuticle and seals it with keratin and Argan Oil.

organix Keratin Oil Hair Care can be found at www.ulta.com, Ulta stores and mass market retailers. One great thing about the prices above is that there is usually a Buy One Get One 50% Off at one of the stores. Once in a while I see a Buy One Get One Free too! Don’t forget to check out their body and face lines too! Like organix on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OGXbeauty and Follow organix on Twitter: @ogxbeauty.

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  1. Love organix! Need to try the 3 minute treatment!!


  2. I also love hair masks and this is one of my favorites right now. It is thick but when it goes on it is not heavy and goopy like most.

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