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Friday, November 15, 2013

Review: Sinful Colors Crystal Crush Collection #SinfulColors #CrystalCrush

Sinful Colors_Got A Blush On You Crystal Crush CollectionSinful Colors_Purple Gleam Crystal Crush Collection

Even though I am one of those people who cannot grow out her nails to save her life, I still like to have nails that look pretty. I can always count on Sinful Colors to bring out the some of the most beautiful and fashionable shades on the market. One of their current collections is called Crystal Crush. Sinful Colors started as a brand that was available to professionals only. They branched out when their success grew because they were able to anticipate the hottest colors on the market. The founders believe that polish should be affordable, because we all want value. And as many shades as possible!

Crystal Crush is available exclusively at Walgreens for $2.99 and consists of 8 vivid, gem inspired nail polish shades that have a multi-faceted texture. These shades are flecked with a reflective pearl finish that look dazzling on the fingers!  The base is matte and then they add the unbelievably beautiful crystal reflection. Above you can see the two that I was able to try out. The one on the left is Got A Blush on You (bright fuchsia with dazzling multi-tone shimmer) and Purple Gleam (bright lavender with dazzling golden pearl shimmer). The other shades are: Blue Persuasion (sapphire-d up!), Orange Crush (twinkling tangerine), Treasure Chest (sea worthy bling), Emerald Envy ( a glint of green), Ruby Mine (ravishing red) and Face the Facets (banana bling).

I like that Sinful Colors wears and has such a great price. My absolute favorite thing about this polish is the brush. The full coverage brush allows for the polish to go on beautifully and easily with one stroke. Well worth the price and much more in my book! These polishes are currently in stores now and you should hurry up, as once they are gone, then they are gone! Like Sinful Colors on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sinfulcolors , Follow Sinful Colors on Twitter: @SinfulColors_NP and Follow Sinful Colors on Instagram: http://instagram.com/sinfulcolors#.

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