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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Wantable Holiday Box: Easy Gift Giving! #Wantable

Wantable Starlight Soiree Holiday Box

A few months ago Wantable.com asked be to review a box from their company’s website. I eagerly did so because I love the idea behind their plan: go online, do the survey and voila, you get sent a box of items that are mostly full size to try out. These items are usually from a well known name brand that you would like to try out, so the money is well spent. The other day they asked again if I would try out one of their Holiday boxes. I said of course. Every few months Wantable.com comes out with an adorable selection of items curated into a special edition box that you can purchase in addition to the subscription or alone for a one time purchase.

Starlight Soiree Wantable Box

This year Wantable.com has 3 Holiday boxes to select from: Starlight Soiree, Majestic Masquerade and Romantic Rendezvous. The reason they are offering 3 boxes is so that everyone gets a shot at good color choices. Starlight Soiree is more of a silver and blue color scheme, Majestic Masquerade is golden, and Romantic Rendezvous is lavender and rose. I chose the Starlight Soiree box to receive. Each holiday edition box comes with the following items based on a silver and sapphire theme: Color Club Nail Polish in Savoy Nights, 29 Cosmetics Dew Lip Gloss in Sparkling Fumé, Spa Sister Silk Sleep Mask in Navy, Bella Beauty Small Metallic Cosmetic Bag in Silver, Bella Beauty Rollerball Eye shadow Set in Monet and Starry Night Earrings. The other bags have similar items based upon their respective color themes. Each box is $36.00 as part of a regular subscription or $40.00 for a standalone box.

I have purchased one of the other special edition boxes, the Halloween box. I was extremely happy with the contents. The items were chosen well and I was able to use the contents to create a look for Halloween.

Let’s talk about the Wantable.com Holiday Box! I think that the Starlight Soiree box has some adorable items in it. The rollerball eye shadows are very pigmented. That is unusual for rollerball eye shadows, which I find are usually kind of lacking in pigment. These are so pretty however. I love that they go on so beautifully. The lip gloss is a gorgeous shade of crystal white. I used it over a light peach lipstick to make my lips have a shimmered effect. I wish the box had more makeup in it. That is the only bad thing I can say about it! The nice thing about the holiday box is that you can use everything in this box. I think it would make a great gift for someone. It is a nice way to introduce yourself or a friend to the world of Wantable.com!

Color Club Nail Polish in Savoy Nights

(Color Club Nail Polish in Savoy Nights)

29 Cosmetics Lip Dew Lip Gloss Sparkling Fume

(29 Cosmetics Dew Lip Gloss Sparkling Fume)

Spa Sister Silk Sleep Mask Navy

(Spa Sister Navy Sleep Mask)

Bella Beauty Small Metallic Cosmetic Bag Silver

(Bella Beauty Silver Cosmetic Bag)

Starry Night Earrings

(Starry Night Earrings)

Bella Beauty Rollerball Eyeshadow Set Monet

(Bella Beauty Rollerball Monet Eye Shadow Set)


Here is what I did with the cosmetic items in the box: I used the rollerball eye shadows and the lip gloss with a lipstick. I think the look is nice for daytime even if it is sparkly and shimmery!

Wantable Starlight Soiree Box LookRollerball Eyeshadow Set Monet_look2Bella Rollerball Set Monet_look1Lip Dew Sparkling Fume_look


Out of all the monthly gift box services, Wantable.com is just about the best because they give you the most varied choices. When you take the initial survey you choose which items you like or dislike and those are the items you will likely get in the box. The items are full sizes, with just maybe 1 or 2 samples thrown in, which is a great deal I think. You can go back at any time and change your choices too.

The Wantable.com Holiday box is a good deal, as all of the items are full size and they are items I would use. This is a great gift idea for the beauty junkie in your life, to introduce her to Wantable.com or really, if you don’t subscribe already, why don’t you give Wantable.com a go! The boxes are limited edition and will be gone before you know it. I also want to give the Majestic Masquerade a go, as the colors are up my alley!

The boxes are $36.00 for a subscription or $40.00 for one month only. Wantable also offers an Accessories and an Intimates box, both for the same prices. Everything is available at www.wantable.com. Like Wantable on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Wantableco; Follow Wantable on Twitter: @Wantableco; Follow Wantable on Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/wantable/; Follow Wantable on Instagram: http://instagram.com/wantable#; Subscribe to Wantable on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/Wantableco and Follow Wantable on Google+: https://plus.google.com/+Wantable/about.

(This item was sent for consideration)


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  1. Hi Marie! Have you tried IPSY or StarBox subscriptions? I signed up for IPSY this month but just came across StarBox and it looks really good!


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