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Thursday, December 19, 2013

New: Still Standing Spray Stops High Heel & Stiletto Suffering Before It Starts #stillstanding



The First and Only Product of Its Kind:

A Spray that Keeps Your Feet Comfortable While Wearing The Highest Heels Longer

To Prevent “Stiletto Suffering”

still standingstill standing mini

NEW YORK -- With all the agony that high-heel-wearing women have suffered over the years, it’s surprising that no one thought of this before.  New Still Standing® Spray does what many gel insoles and flower inserts try to do but don’t.  It actually prevents the discomfort caused by standing, walking or just wearing high heels or stilettos.  As a result, feet feel just as good after an hour and a half as they did when you first put on your shoes.  It stops “Stiletto Suffering” before it starts.

Still Standing® is a natural, patent-pending proprietary formula spray made of cooling menthol and Certified Organic eco-distilled™ Arnica, Aloe and Ilex.  These three herbal remedies are time-tested natural anti-inflammatories and pain relievers.  The eco-distillation™ process insures that the resulting herbal extracts have the highest potency and efficacy.  Along with other ingredients including Vitamin E and Tea Tree Oil, they come together in a greaseless, colorless, stain-free spray that keeps feet feeling great (the menthol scent quickly vanishes after a few minutes).

How It Works

Still Standing® does not numb your feet.  Instead it works to prevent the unpleasant cycle of stiletto-caused foot discomfort from beginning in the first place.

When you first put on your heels, your feet feel fine.  But because your feet are put into an unnatural position by high heeled shoes, they get irritated, red and hot after a while.*  Your shoes feel tight as all the pressure points (that reflexologists tell us exist in our feet) get squeezed and everything feels worse.  The ingredients in Still Standing® keep your feet calm and cool so Stiletto Suffering never starts. Your feet feel like they do when you first put on your shoes.


Still Standing® should be generously sprayed on the top, sides and bottom of your feet prior to putting on your shoes.  It is important to let it dry which takes a few minutes.  The large size features eco-friendly, non-aerosol, continuous spray technology.  This delivers the most potent, highly-penetrating mist from any angle, making it easy to use.  It comes with a purse size for touch-ups on the go, which will be needed generally in 2 to 4 hours depending upon the person.  If you have open blisters or cuts on your feet, you should not use the product.

Will It Take Care of All Shoe-Caused Foot Pain and Problems?

No.  It’s designed to be used with shoes that fit properly and will not help or prevent blisters.  If when you first put on your shoes, they immediately pinch, rub or cut into your foot, Still Standing® will not solve your problem.

The Still Standing®’s Story

Lyn Butler, a former Emmy award winning TV producer, is the beauty product lover behind Still Standing®.  A self-confessed cosmetic junkie and solution-seeking researcher, she has spent a great deal of time and effort on various beauty challenges.  Initially, she says, “out of pure self interest.”

“Some people devote their lives finding out about things like the Higgs Boson, I’m much more practical.  I look for solutions to the problems that aggravate me.  And the fact that my favorite and most flattering shoes made me miserable after less than an hour was very aggravating!”

It took nearly three years to get Still Standing® to market.  Just launched, it is now sold at fine stores including NewBeauty at Fred Segal and on the web at www.StillStandingSpray.com.  The large and the mini travel size set retail for $27.99, with four beautifully boxed travel sized minis available in an On The Go Set for $19.00.  Lyn also writes a blog entitled “Stiletto Solution” which provides an amusing look at shoes, beauty and fashion along with practical tips and solutions.


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