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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Radical Skincare: The Newest Cult Skincare Line #radicalskincare

(photos courtesy of www.radicalskincare.com)

radical skincare products

I have found a great new skincare line that is sure to be the next big thing. Radical Skincare is the line. Their products out perform all of the others I have tried and are top of the line products. I am in love with everything I have tried from the line. When I get a new line to try, I try it out for 3-4 weeks so that I can get a good assessment of how it performs. In this time I can usually see some improvement in softness, firmness, brightness and overall tone to my skin. With use of the Radical Skincare products that I tried I saw improvement within 1-2 weeks. I am 42 and I am looking to improve sun damage and some minor aging issues to my skin. So generally I have to rely on products to give me some oomph right away. Let’s discuss the back story to Radical Skincare and why it is so important to the line.

Radical Skincare was created by two sisters from Malibu, California who are the daughters of a world famous professor of plastic surgery. After creating over 100 products for other companies, they decided they needed to create some new, wonderful anti-aging products that would help stop the aging process for themselves. One of the sisters had rosacea and needed something to help alleviate it. Radical Skincare was born.

This company promises: more honesty, more potency and more performance in their products with strong skincare that gives radical results. Their lines uses TrylacelR technology, a proprietary technology that combines many anti-oxidants with a maximum level of anti-aging active ingredients that deliver the best in anti-aging protection and repair. TrylacelR  contains the strongest antioxidants that work to help fight aging, such as resveratrol, coffee berry, acai, grape seed, red wine extract, pomegranate, and cranberry. Their skincare is for all skin types. The products maintain their stability and potency to deliver the best results. Maintaining potency is extremely important, so that the skincare product keeps working, instead of having the main ingredients breaking down and your money running down the drain. This breakthrough in potency will help deliver the maximum benefits of the product. The company promises 300% more potency than other products.


Hydrating Cleanser $45.00 4 oz./120 ml

Radical Skincare Hydrating Cleanser

A luxurious and creamy anti-oxidant rich cleanser that even takes off eye makeup. It is non irritating and non drying to the skin. Also tones the skin and has been shown to increase hydration up to 30% in 2 weeks. Promotes cells renewal and turnover. Has active ingredients such as green tea (anti-inflammatory), allantoin (anti-inflammatory), almond milk (soothing and reduces irritation).

I found this cleanser to be a little light to take off my makeup. I need something a little heavier. However, in the morning when I don’t have any makeup on, it is great at cleansing my skin. It doesn’t strip the skin or leave it feeling dry. I think it is perfect for those with dry, irritated skin. The soothing and anti-inflammatory ingredients are great at helping to keep the skin soothed. I advise that if you have drier skin, this cleanser will work better for your skin type.



Age Defying Exfoliating Pads $95.00/ 6.6 oz. 100 pads

Radical Skincare Age Defying Exfoliating Pads

  • I first discovered Radical Skincare through the Allure BeautyBar Sample Society box. I am so happy I did! There was a sample of the pads in the box and I used all of them. These are the best exfoliating pads that I have ever used. They kick butt! Yes, they have alpha-hydroxy acids in them but there is also witch hazel, willow bark and salicylic acid to help get rid of dull, dead skin, sebum, blocked pores and acne. They have also been shown to reduce crow’s feet in 2 weeks by 50%, they improve skin tone and help reduce pore size.
  • I use one every night! They are a little expensive but it comes out to be almost a $1.00 per pad. I highly recommend these pads. These are an excellent product!!! Use one pad every night and I guarantee you will see results. These are great for oily, combination, normal and dry skins. They are better than the philosophy counterpart, microdelivery peel. Yes, I said that. Right now I am using a dermaroller and then the pads (I am testing a dermaroller).



Peptide Infused Antioxidant Serum $190.00 1 fl. oz./ 30 ml

Radical Skincare Peptide Infused Antioxidant Serum

Once you get rid of all the dead skin cells, you need to pump the skin full of nutrients to get back the glow. That is where this serum comes in. A powerhouse anti-wrinkle serum that fills the skin full of peptides (antioxidants) to shield the skin against free radicals. Peptides increase collagen and elastin production. Hyaluronic acid  will help to increase moisture content in the skin. Reservatrol increases DNA repair in the skin. Green tea has been shown to be an anti-carcinogenic. Tripeptides target the skin renewal process.

I used the serum for a few weeks and I noticed that the serum, combined with the Anti-Aging Restorative Moisture Cream, helped to get rid of any noticeable signs of “wrinkles” that I even had. My skin feels more firm and has more moisture to it.  The results were noticeable within the first week! Peptides are the skincare world’s guru of ingredients that help to get rid of lines and wrinkles. Radical Skincare has the potency factor that other lines do not have. Use with the Anti-Aging Restorative Moisture Cream mentioned below for best results.



Anti-Aging Restorative Moisture Cream $150.00 1.7 fl oz./ 50 ml

Radical Skincare Anti-Aging Restorative Moisture Cream

This is a multitasking cream that does a number of things to help fight aging: increases hydration by 66% in 2 weeks, decreases wrinkle depth by 50% in 4 weeks, helps to combat discoloration and brightens skin tone, and firms skin and increases elasticity. These unique ingredients do the following: uniprosyn protects skin from moisture loss; synovea lightens the skin and pentaglycan softens the skin.

Used in conjunction with the Peptide Infused Antioxidant Serum, this cream does wonders on the skin. It becomes a powerhouse moisturizer and helps to fight fine lines and wrinkles. I did notice that my sun damage had lightened up somewhat. I feel like my skin is much firmer, has less lines and is definitely well hydrated!



Eye Revive Crème $125.00 0.5 fl.oz. /15 ml

Radical Skincare Eye Revive Creme

This cream is a 4-in-1 product that will treat discoloration, dark circles, wrinkles and puffiness. Radical Skincare’s Eye Revive Crème has green coffee that acts as an antioxidant to help repair DNA and free radicals; hylasome has 5 times the water binding capacity of hyaluronic acid and also acts as a free radical scavenger; mala’kite is a strong antioxidant and gatuline fights the signs of aging and helps show wrinkle reduction even in as little as one application. This cream has been shown to decrease wrinkle depth by 50% in 4 weeks; it has decreased discoloration and dark circles up to 19%; it instantly hydrates and detoxifies the skin and puffiness/sensitivity is reduced.

I found the cream to be very light, which is good as my eyes are sensitive to anything on them lately. Pat gently around the eye, don’t rub. I use twice daily for best results. I have been using this instead of my beloved eye peel and this does perform up to par. I have a couple of tiny lines that needed to be erased and it did remove them, which is what I wanted done. My eyes did feel softer and hydrated, I also noticed that eye shadow went on well, no more crepiness. YAY!


It is important that if you are going to spend a good amount of money on skincare products, the products need to work. Also, it is important to see results and preferably see them fast. I have never been so impressed with a line as I have been with Radical Skincare. This line has great products and I definitely see results with them. Not just minimal results but “WOW! Super, duper I can’t believe my eyes results!” I have also done a review of their Instant Revitalizing Mask (http://bit.ly/1b5cGIr). That is another product I highly recommend. The mask does a great job of transforming dull, tired skin into glowing skin within a few minutes. I am telling you, this line is going to be the next big thing. They also have a new product called Hydra Firm ($120.00) that I am dying to try out, it is for dull stressed skin. It looks fantastic and might be good for those with seriously dehydrated and stressed skin that needs a lift! I would love for the company to develop more products for oily skins, that might be in the future.

Radical Skincare recommends using the products in a regimen. I think that is would be best but if you cannot purchase the entire regimen then purchase the Peptide Infused Antioxidant Serum, Age Defying Exfoliant Pads and if you can, the Eye Revive Crème. Add on the Anti-Aging Restorative Moisture Cream and Instant Revitalizing Mask.

All of the products above are available at www.radicalskincare.com, www.sephora.com and SEPHORA stores. Like Radical Skincare on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RadicalSkincare; Follow Radical Skincare on Twitter: @RadicalSkincare; Follow Radical Skincare on Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/radicalskincare/ and Follow Radical Skincare on Instagram: http://www.pinterest.com/radicalskincare/.

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