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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Review: Gehwol Soft Feet Cream and Soft Feet Peeling Scrub #Gehwol

Gehwol.com is a company known for its foot products. Their motto is “Everything for the well-being of the feet”. I recently tried out two of their products, the Soft Feet Peeling Scrub and the Soft Feet Cream. So, I have to admit one thing. My feet are a mess. I have calluses, bunions and generally ugly looking feet. I will not show them on the internet because of the bunions (I was born with a condition where my first metatarsal is shorter than the rest thus causing the first toe to turn inward and form a bunion). I am going to do this review without showing my feet. Trust me to say that it will be better this way.

The company was founded in Germany in 1868. It was originally a pharmacy. Eduard Gerlach laid the cornerstone for the world brand GEHWOL when he took over his father Ludwig's colonial wares business and expanded it with a pharmacy. Eduard Gerlach is considered to be the pioneer of modern foot care, he developed the first industrially manufactured cream for the prevention and alleviation of foot ailments. As a soldier and pharmacist he mixed together the ingredients to make “E. Gerlach’s Preservative Cream” in 1882. Due to his method of production, he was the first person to use an industrial method of production for foot care products. Today Gehwol partners with many professional brands and offers professional based products, such as products for nail fungus. The brand also makes instruments for nail care and podiatrists.

Soft Feet Peeling Scrub 4.4 oz./ 125 ml. tube $29.00

Gehwol Soft Feet Peeling

The active ingredients in this scrub, bamboo granulate and jojoba wax, act to scrub off dead skin. Avocado oil, Vitamin E and honey extract leaves skin feeling soft, smooth and nourished. Sugar Soft Feet Peelingcrystals also helps to remove dead skin and calluses. The actual massage helps to activate circulation to the skin, allowing for subsequent care to the skin to be more easily absorbed.

The scrub is great at removing dead skin cells and helping to cut back on calluses. I have fairly large calluses so I really need them shaved, but I found that the peeling scrub helped enormously. When used properly, this scrub is fantastic at getting rid of the majority of dead skin that is the bane of the winter foot. After using this scrub regularly, calluses will be less likely to form.


Soft Feet Cream 4.4 oz./ 125 ml. tube $32.00

Gehwol Soft Feet Cream

Foot creams should provide nourishment to the skin and also allow for exfoliation, and this one does that, It has urea in it, which really helps to exfoliate the skin and nourishes it too. There is also avocado oil to deeply nourish the skin; hyaluronic acid acts to bind water into the skin, regenerate it and prevents calluses from forming; plus milk peptides and honey extract make the skin softer and smoother. It also helps protect against fungal infections. A great all around foot cream!

Soft Feet Cream

I have been using this cream for a while now. The way I use it is after scrubbing my feet in the shower, I take a good amount of cream and then rub it in. I use socks on my feet so that the cream can do its work overnight. In the morning I wake up to beautifully soft feet. This cream is perfect for winter when the heat is drying out skin. The secret weapon in the cream is the urea, which is a well known exfoliant. This cream has it as the second ingredient, so it is at a high percentage. That is excellent! I really prefer the cream over the scrub but that does not mean that the scrub isn’t good. Both in conjunction do a number on the feet: soft and smooth.


Soft Feet Peeling Scrub and Soft Feet Cream are available in spas, salons, independent pharmacies and retailers such as Nordstrom Spa’s, Red Door Spa’s, www.nordstrom.com, www.dermstore.com, www.ultimatebeautyonline.com, www.drlindirect.com, www.universalcompanies.com, www.vermontcountrystore.com, www.makemeheal.com, www.viviar.us, www.drugstore.com, www.beautyhabits.com, www.lush-essence.store.buy.com and www.h-e-a-t.com. Like Gehwol on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/GEHWOL/114488665254121?ref=br_tf and Follow Gehwol on Twitter: @gehwolusa.

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