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Monday, December 16, 2013

Review: Glamour Doll Eyes Halo Collection and Foil Me #glamourdolleyes #halo #foilme

glamour doll eyes with foil me

Glamour Doll Eyes is a mineral cosmetics company that is poised to really take on the mineral cosmetics world. They have collections that sell out, blogger collections and all kinds of special collections. I purchased the Halo Collection. This is a nude eye mineral eye shadow collection with oomph.

Halo takes the basic beige, brown, gold and black eye to color infused masterpiece asking to be worn (pamphlet copy). These shadows are all very beautiful. I tried out the tutorial in the pamphlet and I tried out my own eye that I thought would look good with my coloring.

I purchased Foil Me to use with these shadows. It is a clear liquid that when used on the lid makes these eye shadows extremely metallic. I use it over eye shadow primer and it does not interfere with it. Just wipe some on the lid and let dry (it will feel a little tacky). Then use eye shadow on top. Voila! Gorgeous metallic eye shadow. And the best thing is it can be used with any eye shadow from any brand. It can also be used with non-metallic eye shadow to take mattes and make them look stronger and more pigmented.

The Halo Collection eye shadows are as follows:

  Audacious: Metallic copper/gold with black undertones and copper shimmers.
  Disclose: Blackened gold with red and orange shimmers.
  Exposed: Medium matte grey with subtle multi colored shimmers.
  Flaunt: Medium taupe with pink and gold shimmers.
  Flawless: Light beige/pink with subtle turquoise and gold shimmers.
  Imitation: Medium beige with dark brown undertones and silver shimmers.
  Mannequin: Baby pink with metallic qualities and blue shimmers.
  Undressed: Dark blackened brown with green shimmers.
  Unveil: Dark matte brown with purple shimmer undertones. Also has maroon qualities.
  Vulnerable: Light beige with rose and green shimmers.


(above: Flawless, Vulnerable, Mannequin, Audacious, Imitation, Disclose, Flaunt, Undressed, Exposed and Unveil)

When I swatched the colors above, I did them on top of Foil Me so that you can really see how beautiful they look when they have the full metallic effect.

Halo Look: This is a very complicated look, I think. It took a lot of steps. In the crease apply Undressed and blend up toward brow. Audacious is applied to outer 3/4 of the lid. Then Disclose is applied to inner 1/4 of the lid. Flawless is applied to the inner corner as a highlighter and brow highlight. Exposed is used to deepen the crease, use on the outer V. Undressed is used on the outer 1/2 of the lower lash liner and Disclose to the inner 1/2. You can use Unveil as a liner on the top of the lid with it top of Foil Me. It does seem like a lot, but the look is very nice. Personally, I need a light color on my lid to make it pop.

glamour doll eyes_halo look openglamour doll eyes_halo look


My Look: For this look I only used four eye shadows. I used Unveil in the crease, in the outer edge of the lid and under the eye to line. I used Audacious in the crease to add some depth to the crease. Then I used Flawless on the lid to make it look larger. Under the brow I used Mannequin to blend out Unveil.

glamour doll eyes_my look open eyesglamour doll eyes_my lookmy look close up


The Halo Collection is available for $40.00 total. You can also get a full collection of sample sizes for $9.35 of the Halo Collection. The Foil Me Tube  is $5.25, it has 10 ml of product and has a doe foot applicator for easy use. There is also a dropper size for $4.50.

This company is one you need to take a look at for mineral eye shadows. She has many other collections that are interesting and fun. I am so happy with the Halo Collection! These are definitely sophisticated neutrals that anyone will love to wear.

Like Glamour Doll Eyes on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/glamourdolleyes; Follow Glamour Doll Eyes on Twitter: @glamourdolleyes; Follow Glamour Doll Eyes on Tumblr: http://glamourdolleyes.tumblr.com/; Follow Glamour Doll Eyes on Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/glamourdolleyes/ and Follow Glamour Doll Eyes on Instagram: http://instagram.com/glamourdolleyes#.



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