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Monday, December 2, 2013

Review: Number 4 High Performance Hair Care #number4haircare

(photos courtesy of www.number4haircare.com)

Number 4 Hair Care Hydrating Collection

I love to review hair care products. Especially professional, high grade, exceptional products that are wonderfully made. Number 4 High Performance Hair Care products are professional products that you will find only in salons. They exclude all ingredients toxic to humans and the environment; are 100% Vegan, sulfate and sodium chloride free; gluten Free, are paraben free and the formulas are never tested on animals. The Liquid Complex Culture™ (a combination of various botanicals) defines their products and is considered a hair miracle. It is an advanced delivery system that draws upon water and takes botanical ingredients and creates little molecules from that material and infuses unique anti-aging, strengthening, color preserving and purifying results into the hair. Each product has an abundance of botanicals that work together to create a product that gives amazing results. The inspiration for the products and collection is none other than the City of Lights, Paris. Number 4 offers the ultimate in the hair care experience.


Hydrating Collection Shampoo $34.00

Number 4 Hair Care Hydrating Shampoo

The Number 4 Hydrating Collection Shampoo bottle has a premeasured pump dispenser that allows you to determine the appropriate dosage for your hair length and type. A moisturizing and color protecting shampoo. Vitamin B5 creates shine and conditions the hair. Silicone leaves hair soft, smooth and very glossy. Each product contains the following botanicals that help create the following effects on the products: The Liquid Complex Culture™ draws upon water to heal the hair. A Liquid VibranceTM Complex (a combination of Black Currant, Soy Yogurt, Algae, Yerba Mate) moisturizes, enhances shine and contains a blend of vitamins and minerals to bring back hair’s natural vibrancy and protects hair color. The Liquid Vitality™ Complex (a mixture of Acai Berry, Hibiscus, Mangosteen, VitaminC) contains very potent anti-aging properties that are rich in anti-oxidants and promote youthful vitaltity of the hair. Liquid Defense™ Complex (botanicals such as Burdock Root, Oolong Tea, Irish Moss, Vegetable Protein) helps to hydrate the hair and strengthen it. It can also repair damage, restore and revitalize hair. Finally, it helps to protect hair from heat damage caused by heat styling and chemical processing. A Liquid Purity™ Complex (Lemongrass, Gooseberry, Organic Oatmeal, Golden Seal) cleanses and purifies without stripping hair. Sulfate-free. Eliminates build-up while protecting color. I found this to be a luxurious shampoo. Because it is so rich, you don’t really need much. And it has the pump dispenser that will determine how much you need. Even though it is sulfate-free, the shampoo lathers up like crazy and cleanses hair very well. This is definitely a very good shampoo that I am now adding to my rotation.

Hydrating Collection Conditioner $36.00

Number 4 Hair Care Hydration Collection Conditioner

This bottle also has the premeasured pump dispenser to allow the right amount of conditioner for length of hair to be dispensed.The Number 4 Hydrating Collection Conditioner helps to restore hair to its natural state. It helps repair split ends, moisturizes dryness, ends frizz, gives hair strength and helps to improve hair from bad styling habits. Vitamin B5 creates shine, conditions and helps static. This also contains the Liquid Complex Culture™(as mentioned above) to help give the conditioner all of the wonderful properties that make it such a great conditioner. What is nice about this conditioner is that you don’t have to leave it on forever to get great results. If can be used in the shower right after shampooing and voila, hair is transformed! It is soft, silky and definitely looks so much better than before. It only needs to be left on for a couple of minutes to have great results.


Styling Foam $30.00

Number 4 High Performance Hair Care Styling Foam

Once hair looks and feels great, it is time to tame it into action! Number 4 Styling Foam is perfect because it is more than just a mousse. It cares for hair too. This is a conditioning resin that provides humidity resistance and conditioning benefits. Get long lasting volume and hold with hydrolyzed soy protein that nourishes, protects and conditions hair. Styling Foam is a full altitude hair-sculpting, curl enhancing, style defining blow-drying with inter-medium hold and humidity. Styling Foam is a great addition to my styling routine. It works well on my hair, which is wavy. I can use it to help build volume in my hair at the roots and let me hair kind of do what it needs to do but with more “oomph”! It can be used to let my hair go wild and wavy or help me straighten my hair out if I want to. It contains the Liquid Complex Culture™ (as mentioned above).



Mighty Hair Spray $26.00

Number 4 Hair Care Mighty Hair Spray

Number 4 Mighty Hair Spray is a strong, yet flexible hair spray that remains in place under high humidity conditions. Keeps hair soft and chic with a no hair spray feeling. It is a water-free, dry brushable spray that will give very strong support with no flakes or frizz! That is why this spray is so much better than many others. It has anti-static properties to help keep hair from looking like you just put your finger in a light socket and it provides extra conditioning to hair. Humidity resistant technology reduces frizziness and protects the hair from humidity. The flex-net resin provides flexible style with a lot of shine. It has the same components as the other products I mentioned. I find that this is a gentle hairspray for this hair. It holds well but doesn’t make the hair feel to “scrunchy” It lasts all day and if you need a touch-up then you can brush the hair and apply more without fear of having hard, scrunchy hair that will be hard to manage. It is easily brushed out and does hold quite well. And it also contains the Liquid Complex Culture™ as mentioned above.


Currently, Number 4 has some great  Holiday Kits on their site that you might be interested in: http://www.number4hair.com/knot-ty-or-nice/. Number 4 High Performance Hair Care is an excellent salon brand that can be found on www.number4haircare.com or at a salon near you. To find a salon that carries it, go to the salon locator here:http://www.number4hair.com/salon-locator/. Like Number 4 on Facebook: http://www.number4hair.com/salon-locator/; Follow Number 4 on Twitter: @Number4hair; Subscribe to their videos on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/Number4Hair; Follow Number 4 on Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/number4haircare/ and Follow Number 4 on Instagram: http://instagram.com/number4haircare#.

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