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Friday, December 6, 2013

SEPHORA + PANTONE Universe Holiday Collection: Radiant Jewels #sephora

(photos courtesy of www.sephora.com)

This holiday season SEPHORA + PANTONE UNIVERSE (the beauty authority and the color authority) came together to create a collection of radiant jewels that will light up your face and let it glow. Are you up for some color? The collection is chock full of color, the kind only Pantone can provide.


Radiant Cut Shadow Palette Was $38.00 but is now marked down to $25.00!!!

SEPHORA   Pantone Universe Radiant Cut Shadow Palette SEPHORA + PANTONE UNIVERSE Radiant Cut Shadow Palette has 8 eye shadows that are heavily pigmented and full of color. These are ready to give you a bright eye that will take you to all the holiday parties! Create endless looks with the pearlescent shadows. Apply dry for a hint of shimmer or wet for a full blown intense look and long wear. Create vibrant or really smoky eyes that will be the boldest at any get together!SEPHORA   PANTONE UNIVERSE Radiant Cut Shadow Palette_swatches

You can see here that the shadows are pretty pigmented. Only the lighter shadows, on the left are fairly light. But when worn they help blend the others and make great highlights for under the brow. My favorite shades are the bright turquoise and bright green.

(SEPHORA + PANTONE UNIVERSE RADIANT CUT JEWEL PALETTE in Smoke Gray, Sand, Pale Gold, Dark Earth, Bosphorus, Biscay Bay, Flint and Charcoal Gray)

Rare Brilliance Liner Set $24.00


Lately I am loving the eye liners that have come from SEPHORA! The SEPHORA + PANTONE UNIVERSE Rare Brilliance Liner Set is so gorgeous. These liners are super creamy and go on smoothly. Special polymers help them go like butter and they stay all day without budging. This set comes with three jewel tone shades that will go nicely with the shadow set or look good on its own. The shades are: Emerald (green), Hortensia (deep purple), Stretch Limo (black). Best of all, they are waterproof!! If you love to line your eyes, these are a must have.SEPHORA   PANTONE UNIVERSE Rare Brilliance Liner Set_swatches

On the right are swatches of the liners, they are very pigmented. As I said, these go on quite smoothly and are so soft and creamy. They do not tug at the lid at all, which is so nice!



(left: SEPHORA + PANTONE UNIVERSE RARE BRILLIANCE LINER SET in Emerald, Hortensia and Stretch Limo)


Precious Metal Mousse Shadow on sale now for $12.00!!!!

SEPHORA PANTONE UNIVERSE Precious Metal Mousse Shadow

Imagine pure gold and pure silver. Well, that is what the SEPHORA + PANTONE UNIVERSE Precious Metal Mousse Shadow looks like. Open up the jar to reveal a beautiful a mousse shadow that goes on like air and stays on all day long. It can be used all over the eyelid or as a liner with liner brush. It is made with intense pigments that give SEPHORA   PANTONE UNIVERSE Precious Metal Mousse Shadow_swatchesit that gorgeous color metallic color pop and staying power. The gel-like texture gives it easy application.

These are super, freaking gorgeous!!!! Perfect for the holiday season and easy to use. I think these make beautiful liners but if you are in the mood for eye shadow that will make your eyes pop, then look no further.


 Lavish Jewel Gloss Set $29.00

SEPHORA PANTONE UNIVERSE Lavish Jewel Gloss SetI am a big sucker for lip gloss. Especially when it shimmers and shines. So the

SEPHORA+PANTONE UNIVERSE Lavish Jewel Gloss Set is a perfect gift for anyone who loves lip gloss. It has four shades of gloss that are made with a special blend of agents and pearls to provide maximum brightness and adherence to the lips. The formula moisturizes and remains soft and creamy without being sticky. These glosses have SEPHORA   PANTONE UNIVERSE Lavish Jewel Gloss Set_swatcheslustrous color and and mega shine. Use alone or over the Pantone Holiday 2013 Velvet Lipstick. Shades are: Claret Red, Pale Gold, Renaissance Rose, Toast



(from left: SEPHORA + PANTONE UNIVERSE LAVISH JEWEL LIP GLOSS SET Renaissance Rose, Claret Red, Pale Gold and Toast)


Velvet Lipstick $18.00


This SEPHORA + PANTONE UNIVERSE Velvet Lipstick is a velvet matte texture that is creamy and color-rich. It cloaks the lips in color and leaves them moisturized, not dry like most matte lipsticks. The color is a plum-burgundy shade that is perfect for the holiday DSC09557season. It comes in an adorable case that opens when you push up the bottom and pull out the lipstick. This is a highly pigmented lipstick and the velvet matte texture is the kind that anyone will like, as it doesn’t dry out the lips.




 (SEPHORA + PANTONE UNIVERSE Velvet Lipstick in: Earth Red) 


Precious Metal 24-Karat Bag & Brush Set Was $58.00 but is now $38.00!!!

SEPHORA PANTONE UNIVERSE Precious Metal 24 Karat Brush Set

SEPHORA always knows how to put together a brush set. This set is no exception. The SEPHORA+PANTONE UNIVERSE Precious Metal 24-Karat Bag & Brush Set makes a wonderful gift for someone who loves makeup. It comes with a gorgeous white travel case that is embossed with a metallic gold floral design. Inside there are two mesh interior pockets that zip closed. These are perfect for storing cosmetics or brushes. Complete with all the essential brushes needed to do a flawless face, the brushes themselves are synthetic and are embossed with a golden floral design that matches the bag. The set contains: a powder brush, an angled blush brush, an eye brush, an angled liner brush and a smudge brush. I think these brushes are pretty darn good. I used them to apply the eye shadow in the photos below. They did a very good job, so I can say that this set is worth the money. It will make a great gift for anyone who is looking to add to their repertoire of brushes. This is the kind of gift that you get for a true beauty junkie!



Here is a look I did with the Radiant Cut Jewel Palette, these items are bold. There is not a “mild” way to do a look with them. I am reminiscing of the 80’s here. And I love it. The eye shadow palette reminds me of an exotic bird. And I love the brightness of it but it is also smoky in a way. You can do a very smoky eye too. The Velvet Lipstick is so nice and goes on very creamy. It is highly pigmented.

look with SEPHORA  PANTONE UNIVERSE Radiant Cut Jewel Palette_1look with SEPHORA  PANTONE UNIVERSE Radiant Cut Jewel Palette_2look with SEPHORA  PANTONE UNIVERSE Radiant Cut Jewel Palette_3

(below: SEPHORA + PANTONE UNIVERSE Velvet Lipstick in Earth Red)

SEPHORA   PANTONE UNIVERSE Velvet Lipstick_Earth Red

All of these items are available for the holidays now on www.sephora.com and in SEPHORA stores. Like SEPHORA on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Sephora?ref=br_tf; Follow SEPHORA on Twitter: @Sephora; Follow their Pinterest boards: http://pinterest.com/sephora/; Subscribe to their videos on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/Sephora; Follow SEPHORA in Google+: https://plus.google.com/+Sephora/posts; Follow them on Tumblr: http://theglossy.sephora.com/ and Follow SEPHORA on Instagram: http://instagram.com/sephora#.

(These items were sent for consideration)


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