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Friday, January 24, 2014

Review: Morganna’s Alchemy Skincare #MorgannasAlchemy

(photos from www.morgannasalchemy.com)

morgannas alchemyMorganna’s Alchemy is a line that uses phyto-dermo-cosmeuticals in their products. Simplicity and results are the main drivers behind Morganna. The line blends the three sciences of Phytotherapy (healing with plants), Dermatology (skin healing) and Cosmetics (skin moisturizing) to make the most powerful skincare products that nature can offer. Their formulations have high concentrations of active ingredients. They use Ecocertified plant and fruit extracts that are derived from “Green Chemistry”, which means they are taken in an environmentally friendly manner. Morganna's Alchemy is a line of luxury skin care products created by Chemist Maya Hyppolite-Williams (M.A). Maya began developing skin care treatments with her family in mind. The primary products she developed was a cream for her aunt, who was suffering from the side effects of Botox treatments, and wanted a cream that would allow her to quit treatments. That cream became Morganna’s Elixir, their number one selling product, a wrinkle reduction cream made with a plant so popular in South America, that it is used for medicinal purposes.

The ingredients in Morganna’s Alchemy Skincare are chosen from organic active ingredients throughout Europe, Africa and Asia. The idea is to target wrinkle reduction, acne control, age spot prevention and removal with no side effects. Morganna’s Alchemy Skincare is also formulated to treat many different ethnic skin types, so everyone are able to use the products without fear of irritation. The products are lightly formulated and the the active ingredients help to give ethnic skin its radiance and keep an even skin tone.

The line has a good number of products and I tried out 4 of them: Majestueuse Dry Oil, Express Skin Brightening Cream, Instant Lift and Elixir. I will be honest, I only have a few problems that require attention right now so I can be brutally honest about the ingredients rather than how the products work.


Majestueuse Dry Oil $39.99 1.6 fl. oz. 50 ml

morganna alchemy majestueuse dry oil

‘Skin oils’ are extremely popular these days and there is a reason why: they can help to restore the protective barrier of the skin, nourish the skin and most of them have antioxidant properties. Some of them help to reduce scars, brighten the skin, reduce stretch marks and can firm the skin. The Majestueuse Dry Oil is an excellent example of an oil that has the right ingredients: argan oil, coconut oil, sesame seed oil, rose oil, camellia oil and apricot oil. All of these are prized for their ability to make the skin glow! This is product is full of fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants to nourish the skin deeply and often be more effective than a moisturizer. It is best used on damp skin for excellent hydration. This is my favorite product from the line. Just a few drops on skin, rub in and voila! Skin is transformed from a parched, dehydrated mess into a lovely, soft and dewy perfection.


Express Skin Brightening Cream $45.001.7 oz./ 50 ml

morgannas alchemy express skin brightening cream

During the 30’s all of those years spent in the sun starts to creep up on you. Photoaging (sun damage) pops out and all of a sudden you have spots on the skin, along with all of the freckles that you already had. Ugh. Then an uneven skin tone and age spots are visible and you start to look much older. It is important to treat this and prevent new aging. The only way to prevent new aging is to wear sunscreen, at least an SPF 30. Morganna's Express Skin Brightening Cream is specially formulated to treat these spots, using active ingredients Resveratrol, barley extract and Fracionated Melanin to eliminate the appearance of age spots. Reservatrol is one of the better ingredients out there that helps with pigmentation issues, so I expect good things out of a cream with this as one of its ingredients. It also protects Against HEV Light to reduce the formation of new spots. Express creates visible results within ten days of usage and causes no de-pigmentation. This cream is recommended for twice daily usage. Age spots are one thing that I do have to worry about. I have a problem because I did do a lot have a lot of sunburn when I was younger and now I am paying for it. I have used this cream for over a month now and I do notice that it has decreased some of the spots on my face. Mainly up near my cheeks. It also helps with redness, such as acne scarring. Below you can see the photos and see that in the photo on the left the woman had significant redness and spots in the before photo but in the after it has decreased a lot. Personally I think it works better than some of the other brightening creams I have tried.


Instant Lift $29.99 0.5 oz/15 ml


morgannas alchemy instant liftThis serum is for those who need instant wrinkle reduction. It forms an invisible film on the skin to make a tightening effect that lasts all day long. In a clinical study performed, 30 women showed average wrinkle reduction of 43% within 1 hour. One participant even showed 81% decrease in wrinkles. This was shown to be statistically significant. These wrinkles were only crows feet. Instant Lift is shown to be more technologically advanced than other silicone based serums, there is no whitening on the skin and no balling on the skin, the formula is not stick but goes on quite nicely with a beautifully silky feel. I don’t really have any wrinkles except one tiny one. But I tried it out and found it to so silky on the face, almost like a silicone product. The nice thing is this is not a silicone product. It contains sorghum, tara and chicory root extracts. Tara and chicory are also moisturizing. I think it would make a great primer for the face. In fact, I am going to use it that way! If you have lines and wrinkles that you need to get rid of during the day, check this out though. It does not have silicone in it, which is a huge plus!


Elixir $59.99 1.0 oz./ 30 ml

morgannas alchemy elixir

The best selling product in the Morganna’s Alchemy line is the Elixir. This cream is designed for skin aged 30-50 years old. I guess since I am 42 I fall into that range! It is specifically for expression lines, which are those that are due to repetitive movements. Expression lines are the number 11 in between the brows, the laugh lines, and the nasolabial lines. At this point I am lucky in that I don’t have many expression lines. I am not bragging, I have good genes and I stay out of the sun. Plus I use good skincare. So I am intrigued by this Elixir. It represents Step 2 in Morganna's 3 easy steps to flawless skin (exfoliate, treat expression lines, treat collagen loss). Clinical results show an average volume and depth reduction of 46%, with lasting results after 28 days. A perception study shows that panelists are able to feel smooth, hydrated and firmer skin by 80%

elixir clinical results

The Elixir is made with Paracress extract, known in South America as the “toothache plant” for its anesthetic properties and in Africa to help not feel the intensity of other spices in dishes. It is also made with Walnut extract from Grenoble, France and is known as being a long living tree. The combination of the two ingredients along with Eco Certified oils contained in the formula help to make Morganna’s Elixir the perfect anti-aging, anti-wrinkle cream that leaves the skin soft and radiant. The cream is also made with over 90% of natural organic ingredients.The Ecocertification label means that the product is one step above organic, as this means that the plants are not destroyed upon harvesting, the residual plants are recycled and made into compost for agricultural purposes.

This cream is luxurious, sinks right into the skin and leaves skin dewy and soft. If it is their number one selling cream then it must be doing something right. I read a number of great reviews on their website praising the cream. It is one that you need to keep using to see results, not an overnight fix though. The Morganna’s Alchemy line has some interesting products. I think that Chemist Maya Hyppolite-Williams has done a pretty good job coming up with products that do their job and don’t promise anything that cannot be done. I also like that the products are at a good price point too. My favorite is the Majestueuse Dry Oil, which nourishes the skin and leaves it glowing and looking radiant!

Morganna’s Alchemy products are available on www.morgannasalchemy.com. Like Morganna’s Alchemy on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/morgannasalchemy;  Follow Morganna’s Alchemy on Twitter: @morgannasalchem; Follow Morganna’s Alchemy on Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/morgannasalchem/; Subscribe to Morganna’s Alchemy on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/morgannasalchemy and Follow Morganna’s Alchemy on Instagram: http://instagram.com/morgannasalchemy#.

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