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Friday, January 31, 2014

Super Bowl Nail Art for the Big Game #PatriciaNail #SuperBowl

Super Bowl Nail Art

Broncos or Seahawks? Show support for your team this Sunday with fun and sporty nail designs …

Celebrity nail artist, Pattie Yankee, created some fun and flashy designs for the big game.  Here is how to recreate the look at home:

Seahawk Striped Nail: Use Realm as the background and Reign on each side.  Life was used for the middle thick stripe and Divinity stripes to separate.

nail art1 nail art2nail art3nail art4nail art5

B vs S Nail: Divinity was used with Realm to write B vs S and Purify and Life for each team color.

nail art 6nail art 7nail art 8

nail art 12

nail art4

Football Nail: Realm was used at the top to create the football shape with Divinity as the football and a white XLVIII at the bottom for Super Bowl 48.

nail art 15

nail art2






Broncos Nail: Realm, Purify & Divinity

nail art 10nail art 9nail art2 





Striped Nail: Start with a white nail then stripe Vs down the middle depicting the team colors with Divinity, Realm, Purify, Life and Reign.

nail art 11nail art 12nail art 13

nail art 10nail art2nail art 14






Patricia Nail Lacquer is available online via www.rickysnyc.com for $9 each.  Thank you for sharing and please let me know if you have any questions.


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