Get the Look | U.S. Figure Skaters | Mia Beauty

Though we may not know if the U.S. women figure skaters will take home individual medals as of yet, we do know they rocked the ice last night and did it with some gorgeous beauty looks. While performing a triple lutz is out of reach for most, Mia Beauty makes Gracie Gold, Ashley Wagner and Polina Edmunds’ hair looks affordable and easy to achieve at home.


Gracie Gold

gracie gold1graceie gold2 mia beauty olympics 1


Mia Beauty Bun Ease (Large) $6.00 – Available at Harmon/Bed Bath & Beyond, ULTA and


Ashley Wagner

ashley wagner1ashley wagner2 mia beauty olympics2

Mia Beauty Tonytail $8.00 – available at Walgreens, Harmon/Bed Bath & Beyond, ULTA and


Polina Edmunds

polina edmunds1polina edmunds2

 mia beauty olympics 3

Mia Beauty Mini Flower Hair Stickers $10/set of 4 – Available at Harmon/Bed Bath & Beyond and