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Saturday, March 8, 2014

I Am THE Makeup Junkie Does Celebrity Style Slam #1 With Stevie Wilson (LA-Story.com) #Oscars #La-Story #style #iamthemakeupjunkie

Hello fellow makeup junkies, beauty enthusiasts and fashionistas! I am proud to say that I was asked to sit in on the post-Oscar podcast that LA-Story maven Stevie Wilson does every year. Her Celebrity Style Slam is infamous and is well known for being on the nose for how accurate it is. She is able to say which celebrities had the right stuff at the Academy Awards and which ones missed the mark. I sat in and helped her make the judgment calls.

Below are the photographs of the celebrities we compared and contrasted on Celebrity Style Slam #1:

 julia roberts_oscarscharlize theron_oscars

 Julia Roberts and Charlize Theron




After listening to this, let me know what you think. What would you give Julia Roberts and Charlize Theron? Did they rock it or miss the mark this year? Did their stylists do the job they were supposed to do or did they mess up? What would you do differently for them?

My comments and Stevie’s comments are essentially the same, it’s funny how we agree on the issue. And it seems that many of the commentators who do this for a living seem to say the same thing. I tell what, I wish I had Charlize Theron’s body and the dress. She seems like she could pull off anything.

Until Next Time~


I Am THE Makeup Junkie


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