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Monday, March 3, 2014

Red Carpet Beauty…Oscar Worthy Look with vbeaute #vbeaute


Inspiration: "Our inspiration for tonight's look is classic Hollywood with aimage
modern twist featuring warm and golden tones.”


Technique: “I started by moisturizing her face with vbeauté Undercover
Agent® Anti-Wrinkle Protecting Serum. For her eyes, I dabbed vbeauté
Eye Never® Anti-Aging Eye Cream all around.

To even out her complexion and give a golden glow, I used a tinted
moisturizer. Camila has perfect skin so this provided just enough
coverage. I also used spot concealer around her nose and under the
eyes for a flawless finish and a touch of eyelid smoother in medium over
her eyelids to even out the skin there as well. Next, I went over her T-zone and eyelids lightly with Votre Vu Belle. Poudre in Golden Medium and Medium to set the makeup in place. This also helps the eye shadow to stay put and make the colors stay true.
Using Votre Vu’s Palette Play in Copper, I took the brown beige and gold
colors and blended them onto the lid carefully. I then lined the inside and
outside of the eyes with a soft eye liner and finished the lashes off with a
black mascara. On the cheeks, I applied Vu-On Rouge in Amourette (available in
Summer 2014) and dusted the pink blush in the Beauté en Bronze duo on top over the apples of her cheeks. Then I took a bronzer and applied is all over, carefully shading and sculpting her face in the process.
Lastly, I lined and filled in her lips with Votre Vu’s Drawmatic Lip Liner in Naked and then
finished off the entire look with Votre Vu’s French Kiss.” De Fontbrune used the following products for Camila’s red carpet look:

vbeauté Undercover Agent® - Anti Wrinkle Serum
vbeauté Eye Never® - Anti-Aging Eye Crème
Please link all vbeauté products to www.vbeaute.com


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