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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Review: Sublime Beauty Face Whisperer Advanced Eye Gel #SublimeBeauty #eyegel


Sublime Beauty introduces Face Whisperer Advanced Eye Gel, containing Matrixyl®, Eyeliss® and Haloxyl®. These three ingredients are all high performing ingredients that were developed in France. This lightweight gel  is a wonderful way to get a number of problems reduced with its patented ingredients. It reduces dark circles, reduces bags and puffiness, and decreases fine lines and wrinkles. Matrixyl® is a peptide that helps boost collagen levels, Eyeliss® was formulated in France and is a combination of 3 active molecules that help circulation, improve firmness, decrease inflammation, and smooth the skin. Haloxyl®, also formulated in France, is patented and helps to reduce dark circles. The gel moisturizes and hydrates the under eye region. The gel absorbs instantly and you only need a tiny bit to get the whole under eye area.

I used the eye gel for a month and did notice that it did help with the puffiness that I had under my eyes. It also works on the tiny little lines that were starting to develop under my eye. The photos above are not my eyes but are from the Sublime Beauty website. One thing I really liked about the eye gel is that you only need a very small amount to use for both eyes. It is very economical and it will last a long time..
Sublime Beauty Face Whisperer Advanced Eye Gel is $41.00 (0.50 fl. oz./15 mL) and is available from www.amazon.com. Like Sublime Beauty on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SublimeBeauty4?ref=br_tf and Follow Sublime Beauty on Twitter: @SublimeBeauty4.
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