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Thursday, March 6, 2014

STORY IDEA: Red Carpet Report/Celebrity Eyebrow Stylist/Joey Healy, Brow Police on the Academy Award Hits & Misses #joeyhealy #eyebrows #academyawards

R   E   D      C   A   R   P   E   T    -   O   S   C   A   R      B   E   A   U   T   Y


The world watched in awe as our favorite A-listers hit the red carpet at the 86th annual Academy Awards. While we were all fixated on their designer dresses, coiffed updos and fabulous jewels, celebrity eyebrow stylist Joey Healy was focused on the arches of the nominees. The stand out trend was beautiful, bold brows which have been all the rage since New York Fashion Week this past February. While some made the mark, others missed the cut. Brow Police Joey Healy dishes the hits and misses and also reveals how to get the brow looks of the Hollywood elite.



Lupita Nyong'o- We are a slave for your brows! With her stunning, rich skin tone, Lupita has a brow that gives striking definition to her face. Her eyebrows are in ideal contrast with her warm skin tone. Her charcoal-infused eyebrows are the perfect neutral shade without any hint of red or ashy undertone. Lupita’s bold eyebrows balance out her fuller lips and create a sense of harmony in her overall appearance. 

To get a look similar to Lupita, use Joey Healy’s Luxe Brow Powder in Raven ($28, available at www.joeyhealy.com) and Duo Brow Brush ($28, available at www.joeyhealy.com).







Jared Leto- Forget the Dallas Buyers Club, let us welcome Jared to the Amazing Brows Club! Jared kept the fringy sprouts around the bridge of his nose without surrendering to a unibrow. His bold, handsome arches frame his eyes and make his baby blues pop. The supporting actor impressed eyebrow guru Joey Healy with his natural yet groomed brows that prove men can be eyebrow superstars too. The juxtaposition of his rough and refined red carpet look was embodied in his rebellious eyebrows. In the past his look has skewed pretty boy, but his 2014 au natural Oscar brow makes him all man.

To get Jared’s look Joey recommends using Elite Sculpting Tweezer ($35, available at www.joeyhealy.com) and Brow Structure Clear Set ($25, available at www.joeyhealy.com).

elite sculpting tweezerbrow structure clear set




Sandra Bullock- Sandy, your brows are out of this world! Their spot-on shade matches perfectly with her flowing chocolate locks. This is the brow we are seeing in the fashion world; bold but defined, effortless yet manicured. The success of this brow hinges on its ease and authenticity—they don’t look fake or drawn on. Her arches appear effortless and easy, the way we have all grown to love Sandra. Her beauty look is soft with just the right amount of definition. Her eyebrows look appropriately thick and contribute to her sultry eye makeup. Bravo!

To get the look Joey Healy suggests Luxe Brow Powder in Tobacco ($28, available at www.joeyhealy.com) and the Duo Brow Brush ($28, available at www.joeyhealy.com).

luxe brow powder tobacco





jennifer lawrence_brow

Jennifer Lawrence – JLaw might be nominated for best supporting actress, but her eyebrows failed to support her glamorous look. Her red carpet brows underwhelmed Joey—they appeared feeble, patchy and neglected. They coast flat without the slightest hint of a much needed arch. This flatness paired with her upswept hair creates a disproportionately large forehead. Her stunning eye makeup looks incomplete without a resolved brow. What a missed opportunity!

For a more complimentary brow Joey Healy suggests Brow Architect Stylo in Wicker ($25, available at www.joeyhealy.com) and Brow Renovation Serum ($125, available at www.joeyhealy.com).

brow architect stylo wickerbrow renovation serum



amy adams_brow

Amy Adams– While Amy hustled at the box office this year, her eyebrows fell behind. Her arches start off with an enviable lushness but quickly fizzle out toward the end. This is a classic case of what Joey calls, ombre brows—see also receding tail syndrome. Without this uniform density, her eyebrows appear unfinished. The lack of definition at the ends highlight the fine lines around her eyes and fails to give her a much needed lift. Defining her brow with a soft powder would inject a youthful radiance to her look and help to balance out her bone structure. There’s always next year.

For a more complimentary brow Joey Healy suggests Luxe Brow Powder in Equestrian ($28, available at www.joeyhealy.com) and Duo Brow Brush ($28, available at www.joeyhealy.com).

luxe brow powder equestrian



meryl streep_brow

Meryl Streep- Meryl’s dysfunctional on-screen family isn’t the only thing that needs therapy; her eyebrows need help as well. Meryl is a legend with decades of experience on the other nominees, but she needs a brow look that demands equal attention. Her shape is too round and arches in the center, creating an unflattering rainbow that does nothing for her face. Meryl’s fair brows are too light and wash her out. Don’t fret, the solution is simple. They should begin at the bridge of her nose, arch 2/3 of the way out and be enhanced with an ash-toned powder. Presto, ten years off of her face!

For a more complimentary brow Joey Healy suggests Luxe Brow Powder in Corduroy ($28, available at www.joeyhealy.com) and Brow Renovation Serum ($125, available at www.joeyhealy.com).

luxe brow powder corduroybrow renovation serum

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