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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Review: Measurable Difference Instant Lash Extensions With RegenaLash #InstantLash

Measurable Difference Instant Lash Extensions With RegenaLash
I have the worst eyelashes. They are short in length and they are invisible. I want to have gorgeous lashes like my daughters, who don’t need any mascara at all. Always on the hunt for the perfect mascara, I was happy to try out this product by Measurable Difference. It not only gives you longer lashes instantly but actually helps lashes to grow longer! How awesome is that?!?!?!

Measurable Difference Instant Lash Extensions With RegenaLashTM promises to give long, fluttery lashes instantly. Dual wands dramatically thicken and lengthen lashes in a simple 3-step process. The process begins with special nylon liquid fibers that are brushed on and bond with the mascara for a sexy curl. A peptide-infused mascara helps nourish and condition lashes. The formula resists clumping and promotes dramatically fuller-looking, longer-looking lashes instantly with its patented delivery system. In 4-6 weeks you will see longer looking lashes. The patented peptide complex in RegenaLashTM has shown in clinical studies to grow lashes up to 46% longer. 

Apply Instant Lash Extenstions with RegenaLashTM by placing the mascara brush at the base of the lashes and working upward toward the tips. Then apply a layer of the lash-sculpting fibers. After that apply another coat of the mascara for a lovely look with fluttery lashes!
If you look at the photos below. In the first you can see how my eye looks without any makeup on. See my eyelashes and how invisible they are! In the next two photos (in the middle and on the right), see how the Instant Lash Extensions with RegenaLashTM makes my lashes lush and long. I think that this is a great mascara, as you can see it definitely does the trick when it comes to lengthening lashes. In terms of the RegenaLashTM, I have only used it for a couple of weeks, but I think that the peptide complex does work. It is similar to the (if not the exact same) complex that is in Colour Strokes Liquid Eyeliner with Lash Enhancing Serum that I reviewed. I found that I did have some lash growth with that product. I like the mascara because as it says, the formula does not clump and it does give long, lush lashes, which is something I sorely needed!

DSC01826Wearing Measurable Difference Instant Lash Extension with RegenaLash_eyes open (1)
wearing Measurable Difference Instant Lash Extensions with RegenaLash

Measurable Difference Instant Lash Extensions with RegenaLashTM is  $19.99 and is available from www.chrislie.com, www.amazon.com, www.walgreens.com, and drugstore.com. Like Measurable Difference on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MeasurableDifference; Follow Measurable Difference on Twitter: @MeasurableDiffe and Follow Measurable Difference on Instagram: http://instagram.com/measurabledifference#.
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  1. Siberian mint produces premium fur, the most desirable. You're new to eyelash extensions. Very closely mimics the look and shine of a blow.

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  3. I have noticed consistent growth using D E R M A L M D eyelash growth serum product regularly. It takes time, be patient and use morning and night. My brows were nearly non-existent now they are actually there, now I'm hoping for more fullness, they look much more natural. I will continue to use, as it's a good value as well💯


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