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Monday, April 14, 2014

Review: NEW! NYX Cosmetics Spring Basics For the Face #NYXCosmetics #Spring2014

This spring NYX Cosmetics has some great basics for the ‘foundation’ of the face. When I mean ‘foundation’ I mean the basics like foundation, BB Cream, concealer, powder, etc. This spring NYX has introduced a BB Cream, a great primer called Angel Veil, a new foundation called Invincible Fullest Coverage Foundation, Radiant Finishing Powder, Dark Circle Concealer, Blotting Powder, a Tinted Moisturizer, Mineral Stick Foundation and a Lip Primer. NYX Cosmetics is a great line that, for the price, offers such wonderful quality, it cannot be beat. I am often amazed how great the products are and the prices are so good. It is a professional line of cosmetics that keeps its prices in line with the masses.
Let’s talk products…

BB Cream ($13.00)

NYX Cosmetics BB Cream
Called “perfection in a tube”, this lightweight miracle worker hydrates and primes skin to help the complexion look perfect. Sheer coverage makes skin look smooth and more radiant. The luxurious oil-free and mineral-rich formula is versatile at delivering multiple benefits all in one as it brightens and moisturizes the skin. It DSC04118can be used either as a foundation or as a primer. BB Cream comes in three shades: Nude, Natural and Golden.

(right: swatch of BB Cream in Nude)

I find this product to do exactly as it says. The coverage is sheer but it does have the ability to be built up and it does leave skin feeling hydrated. I tried as a primer too and also found that it worked likewise. This will make a great lightweight foundation for summer. I was honestly surprised that the Nude shade was light enough for me but it was. I am very pale and this shade was super light and it works great for my very pale skin tone.

Angel Veil ($16.00)

NYX Cosmetics Angel Veil Perfecting Skin Primer
This super silky and lightweight formula is the perfect way to prepare the skin for foundation. It creates a smooth, uniform canvas that minimizes shine and makes application flawless. Skin will feel as it it has been “touched by an angel”.
Velvet. This is the way to describe what your skin feels like when you use Angel Veil. It goes on like silk and leave skin so soft and smooth that you will not want to ever use any another primer. This is one of the best primers I have ever used. It is almost perfection in a tube.

Invincible Fullest Coverage Foundation ($12.00)

NYX Cosmetics Invincible Fullest Coverage Foundation
Sometimes we want light coverage and at others we need the big guns. When that time arises, you can count on Invincible Fullest Coverage Foundation to do the job. If you have something to hide, it is the perfect solution. Exceptional coverage and a long-lasting, natural looking finish. The high-pigment load canDSC04118 coverup just about anything, including skin discolorations and more. You end up looking soft, matte, beautiful and flawless. It comes in 15 shades that are lightweight and comfortable to wear. Can even be worn on the body if needed.

(right: swatch of Invincible in Ivory)

Invincible does the job. It covers beautifully without looking like a cakey mess. I love that I can have a full coverage foundation and it doesn’t look too heavy or made up. This one is highly pigmented but it smoothes on and leaves skin feeling as if it is wearing nothing at all.

Radiant Finishing Powder ($9.00)

NYX Cosmetics Radiant Finishing Powder
Radiant Finishing Powder comes in two shades, Brighten and Sunkissed. I received the Brighten to try out, so that is the one I will reference. Brighten illuminates the skin with a brightening effect. It has mulitple ‘light’ green, pink, yellow and blue colors that are swirled together to give an overall glow to the skin. The powder helps skin stay fresh and smooth looking. Sunskissed also has multiple colors, but they are darker and bronze, rose and gold colored. This powder is great for spring and summer. Give your skin a great glow anytime!
I’m loving the Brighten powder. It makes my skin glow with just the right amount of brightness but no shimmer. I like this. Sometimes I do want a break from all the shimmer and this is a nice break.

Dark Circle Concealer ($6.00)

NYX Cosmetics Dark Circle Concealer
If you suffer from dark circles, and who doesn’t, then this is perfect for you. Dark Circle Concealer comes in 4 shades: Fair, Light, Medium and Deep. With a hint of orange in each shade to counteract the dark circle, this concealer will cover the dark circles without looking thick or obvious. It glides on easily and coconut oil DSC04122provides intense moisture to ensure no caking. Natural skin toned pigments work to provide the ultimate coverage.

(right: swatch of Dark Circle Concealer in Fair)

I have just a little bit of dark circles, luckily but enough that they still need to be covered. This stuff is awesome. It covers like a dream and blends right into the skin. It looks orange in the pot but goes on and blends right into the skin. Dark circles are bluish in nature and orange is opposite that color on the color wheel, which is why it works so well to cover them. The orange tint is not detectable in the slightest on the skin, it melts away and all you see is your skin. Dark circles are completely gone.

Blotting Powder ($12.00)

NYX Cosmetics Blotting Powder
A powder with just the slightest hint of pigment, Blotting Powder takes shine away and mattifies skin. It does not settles into fine lines or wrinkles but polishes skin into satin matte perfection. This powder evens skin tone, controls shine, sets foundations. The coverage is sheer, and it controls shine without adding any color or texture. It inludes a puff or you may use a fluffy powder brush for powder perfection. It comes in 4 shades: Light, Light/Medium, Medium/Dark and Deep.
What I really like about this powder is that it takes away any shine and oil but does not add any color to the skin even as it comes in a shade itself. Usually that is only reserved for translucent powders. It mattifies the skin for hours and never looks cakey.

Tinted Moisturizer ($10.00)

NYX Cosmetics Tinted Moisturizer
A lightweight makeup with a hint of color. The hydrating formula makes skin feel softer and smoother. It leaves skin with a dewy, natural glow and a ‘no-makeup’ look and feel all while covering imperfections. This may used alone or also be used as a primer. Leave as is or set with powder if desired. It comes in 7 shades, DSC04118
Tinted Moisturizer is good for those who need sheer coverage (little to no imperfections on the skin) and for those who feel they can or want to skip moisturizer with their foundation. It is foundation and moisturizer rolled into one great product. It does cover some imperfections, but the coverage is light. This product is great for spring and summer. It works well as a primer because it hydrates the skin so well.

(right: swatch of Tinted Moisturizer in Nude)

Mineral Stick Foundation ($10.00)

NYX Cosmetics Mineral Stick Foundation
This stick foundation is portable and the coverage is buildable, from medium to full as you desire. It is easy and convenient for those who need foundation on the go or if you need touch ups. The luxurious formula is easy to apply and blend. Can be used on the entire face or just isolated areas that need extra attention. Blend with fingertips, foundation sponge or a foundation brush. Provides a matte satin finish. Comes in 9 shades. Set with powder so the foundation stays on all day.

DSC04122 (left: Mineral Stick Foundation in Fair)

Mineral Stick Foundation is a really nice foundation because it has smooth, buildable coverage that goes from medium to full. That is hard to find in a stick foundation. This is a creamy formula that is very easy to apply and blend and I find that the finish looks gorgeous. It is definitely a good contender for one of NYX Cosmetics best foundations. I love how easy it is to get good coverage with this stick and that the lightest shade is a good match for my pale skin (that is hard for me to find in any foundation).

Lip Primer ($7.00)

NYX Cosmetics Lip Primer
Creates the perfect canvas for lip color. A velvety smooth, texture and color enhancing primer. It ensures that any lip product lasts and does not go outside the lines. Lip Primer preps and primes lips for smooth and long wear. Keeps lip color from fading or feathering. It comes in 2 shades: Nude and Deep Nude.
If you have trouble keeping lipstick, lip gloss or any sort of lip color on your lips, then you need Lip Primer. This product is great at helping to keep things where they are supposed to be. It is unfortunate that as we get older fine lines in the lip region will more often than not start to keep lipstick outside the lips than inside them. This product is great at preventing feathering and bleeding. And lip color won’t fade into oblivion either.



These products are the newest ‘foundation’ products for the face that NYX Cosmetics has brought out for Spring 2014. I will also be reviewing many other products from the Spring 2014 line that I am lucky enough to get to review. So keep an eye out for those reviews! NYX Cosmetics are available at www.nyxcosmetics.com and www.ulta.com and Ulta stores. Like NYX on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NyxCosmetics; Follow NYX Cosmetics on Twitter: @NyxCosmetics; Follow NYX Cosmetics on Instagram: http://instagram.com/nyxcosmetics/#; Follow NYX Cosmetics on Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/nyxcosmetics/; Subscribe to NYX Cosmetics on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/nyxcosmetics and Follow NYX Cosmetics on Google+: https://plus.google.com/110336435589621384934/posts.

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  1. I really need to try more NYX cosmetics. I've heard so many great things.


  2. I love the sound of the Invincible foundation and the powder! The lip primer is pretty intriguing, too :) lovely post! I really want to try some NYX products now.

    Jess xo

    1. I'm surprised they don't have them in the UK yet. Awesome brand!


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