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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Review: Pacifica Enlighten Eye Brightening Shadow Palette #Pacifica #eyeshadow

(photo below courtesy of www.pacificaperfume.com)
pacifica enlighten eye brightening shadow palette
Pacifica Perfume is devoted to creating 100% Vegan, natural perfumes, skincare and cosmetics. The products are developed without animal testing, animal ingredients, FD&C color, phthalates, parabens, sulfates, propylene glycol, benzene, mineral oil, petroleum, peanut oil, triclosan, and any other ingredients that we would not want on our skin. The fragrances that the founder Brook Harvey-Taylor personally develops are made with the highest quality ingredients including essential oils and natural oils from all over the world to create proprietary perfume blends. They don’t support using any natural ingredients that come from threatened animals or where the harvesting of the plants endangers biodiversity or causes environmental issues.

The Pacifica Enlighten Eye Brightening Shadow Palette has an innovative formula that takes natural makeup and mineral color and pushes it to new levels. The shadows are color rich, lasting and creaseless. The four highly pigmented satin and iridescent shades in this palette were specially curated to brighten the eyes and make them look awake and look fabulous! Coconut water helps to soothe and soften the skin. It creates a creamy, soft shadow with a velvety finish that also has a crease-free formula and that wears a long time. Safflower seed oil is an anti-aging emollient that nourishes, protects and firms the skin.

What I really love about these shadows is how soft and velvety they are. They go on like silk and stay on all day without creasing. They are so buttery and soft. I have never encountered eye shadows that are so creamy before. Seriously. They are like buttered velvet. These shadows are definitely pigmented, which is also great. I like the shadow selection in this palette too. The shades are on the warm side but the different colors are so pretty and will work well with just about any eye color, in my opinion. This is a very interesting palette of mineral eye shadows. I think it is a good choice.

The shades are:
  • Urchin- An iridescent jeweled purple with gold tones.  Use dry as a shadow, wet as a liner.  Perfect for smudging and a great substitute for black.
  • ​Golden- A perfect gold with just the right amount of shimmer.  Use on the lids or line the eyes.
  • Coral Sand- A satin lid base or highlighter.
  • Skinny Dip- Matte nude base, a universal brightener.  Perfect for using on the inner eye to add brightness

pacifica enlighten brightening shadow palette

(below from left to right: Skinny Dip, Coral Sand, Golden and Urchin)

Pacifica Enlighten Eye Shadow Palette_swatches

Below: I am wearing the Pacifica Eye Brightening Shadow Palette. In the crease I used Urchin, I also used in the outer 1/3 of the upper lid. Then I took Urchin and used it to line the lower lid with it too. I used Coral Sand and used it on the lid as a base and took Golden as a highlighter on the middle of the upper lid. Under the brow I used Skinny Dip and blended it with Urchin.
As you can see, it really does brighten the eyes. I did use a liquid liner on the top lid and some mascara but the shadow colors are what help bring the eyes out and make them pop!

Pacifica Enlighten Eyes Brightening Shadow Palette_eyes openPacifica Enlighten Eye Brightening Shadow Palette_eyes closed

The Pacifica Enlighten Eye Brightening Shadow Palette is available from www.pacificaperfume.com for $14.00. I have seen them at Target stores too. Like Pacifica on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PacificaPerfume; Follow Pacifica on Twitter: @ILovePacifica; Follow Pacifica on Instagram: http://instagram.com/ilovepacifica# and Follow Pacifica on Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/ilovepacifica/

(This item was sent for consideration)


  1. I bought this from my local heath food store and love it. The colors are beautiful!

    1. I know. I love the colors and I LOVE how creamy they are. So buttery and velvety!


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