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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Review: Spadaro Luxury Fragrance Beso Del Mar® #Spadaro

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Recently I was lucky enough to get try out a new fragrance from Spadaro Luxury Fragrances. It is called Beso Del Mar®, “Kiss of the Sea” in spad01.001com-spadaro-beso-del-marItalian. What is so nice is this fragrance is right up my alley. It is light, crisp and fun with a hint of romance. What I love about Beso Del Mar® is that is reminds of something. It transports me to another place and time. It brings back memories for me! From the time I lived in Paris and the fragrances I wore when I lived there. I love that a fragrance can do that. It is rare that it is possible, but it does… It is described by www.fragrantica.com as a woody aquatic fragrance. It features lime, agave, driftwood, hibiscus and musk. I like the citrus aspect the most. I suffer from vertiginous migraines and most fragrances make me dizzy. I can only tolerate citrus fragrances and this one is light and citrus based. I like that it is not heavy and woody. The scent has citrus top notes and it dries down to a musk base with floral notes in the middle but the citrus top notes don’t completely disappear, they linger on and stay with the fragrance to keep it light and airy. 
Kim Spadaro, the creator of this wonderful fragrance and the nose behind Spadaro Luxury Fragrances, loves to travel. She travels for inspiration. She gathers scents that remind her of her adventures in exotic locales. Spadaro Luxury Fragrances has become an internationally recognized perfume company known for scents and authentic stories that transport all who experience them to faraway places. Her fragrances are sultry, spicy, exotic and they captivate you. She pays it forward by giving a portion of every sale to “The Spadaro Foundation”, which reaches out those in greatest need both domestically and globally. 

I also was sent the shower gel from the Sole Nero (Black Sun) fragrance to try out. This fragrance is heavier and is more musky. The notes in this one are: musk, sandalwood, grapefruit, almond, Italian lemon, orange, lime, incense, cumin, white pepper and vanilla. (according to www.fragrantica.com) I like this one too but it is heavier and definitely stronger. It is a more mature fragrance and reminds me of a strong woman. It also reminds me of Italian fragrances, which tend to be a bit stronger.

Also available with the release of Beso Del Mar® is shower gel, candle and soap. The Eau De Parfum fragrance retails for $95.00 (100 mL); the Shower Gel is $45.00, Soap $22.00 and the Candle is $45.00. These items are available online at: www.spadaro.co, www.nordstrom.com and www.fragrantica.com. She has two other luxury fragrances Noche del Fuego (Night of Fire) and Doux Amour (Sweet Love). Like Spadaro Luxury Fragrances on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SpadaroLuxuryFragrances; Follow Spadaro Luxury Fragrances on Twitter: @spadaroperfume; Follow Spadaro Luxury Fragrances on Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/spadaroperfume/message-in-a-bottle/ and Follow Spadaro Luxury Fragrances on Instagram: http://instagram.com/spadaroperfume#.

(These items were sent for consideration)

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