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Monday, April 7, 2014

Tips: Using An Airbrush to Contour and Highlight The Face #airbrush

One thing all makeup artists understand is the benefit the art of highlighting and contouring can have on a face. If you're not familiar, highlighting and contouring involves using darker and lighter shades of makeup to cause various parts of the face to stand out or to recede, depending on the desire effect. This process can make cheekbones look chiseled, high foreheads look smaller and can be used to hide other perceived imperfections while bringing out more favorable features. One of the most effective ways makeup pros use to get the best results is the use of airbrush systems because they allow for more precise and natural application.

Contouring Tips
Using an
airbrush is a perfect application technique for contouring. By adding a shade of foundation a bit darker than your natural skin tone, you can easily add contour to the hollows of your cheeks by using a sweeping motion from the back of the cheek and working forward. Achieving a contoured jaw is done in a similar manner, starting from the hairline by the ear and moving toward the ear. Start sparingly, adding color if necessary.

Highlighting Tips
Highlighter is used to add a bit of brightness to areas you'd like to perk up or make stand out. A logical place to add highlighter is on the eyelids to "wake them up." Just add a few drops of highlighter to the
airbrush tool, then start at the inner eye, working your way outward. The smile lines are another area that can benefit from highlighting.

With these tips, your makeup look will be even more flawless!

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