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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Review: Apothederm Bright Skin Serum #Apothederm

(photo courtesy of www.apothederm.com)

Apothederm Bright Skin Serum
Anytime there are dark spots on the skin, melasma, age spots, freckles, etc. then it is essential to start a treatment regimen to fight these “spots” and brighten the skin so that it will look clear and radiant. Apothederm has a wonderful skin brightening serum that refines, brightens and hydrates the complexion so that it looks more even toned and radiant. Their Bright Skin Serum has SmartPeptideTM technology that targets impurities to refine blotchy skin, get rid of discolorations and remove imperfections. This serum also hydrates the skin and clears pores of debris. It evens the skin tone. Skin will become radiant and will feel rejuvenated.

How is the Bright Skin Serum so effective? It has a combination of malic and mandelic acids that refine dull, lackluster skin. Malic acid (an alpha hydroxy acid from apples) also reduces the appearance of fine lines and hyperpigmentation. A patented Oligopeptide-10 SmartPeptide™ helps to reduce skin imperfections resulting from blemishes, sun exposure and uneven skin tone. This patented Oligopeptide-10 also has anti-inflammatory properties that help to reduce any future skin imperfections. Sodium hyaluronate ( a super humectant that can draw 1,000 its own weight in moisture to the skin) hydrates the skin, leaving it feeling and looking fresher. It also helps maintain the moisture balance of the skin. Glycerin, a humectant, draws moisture from the air to the skin and hydrates it. Algae extract acts as a soothing emollient that helps to provide hydration to the skin. Ubiquinone is a powerful antioxidant. Aloe leaf juice helps to calm the skin.

(forehead pre-apothederm bright skin serum)

forehead pre-apothederm skin serum

(forehead post-apothederm bright skin serum)

forehead post-apothederm bright skin serum

Note in photos above that the light does look a little different but my forehead does seem to have changed. It does look like sun damage has been repaired. I have been using this for over a month. A lot of sun damage has dissipated. My forehead looks clearer and much of the freckling has disappeared.

When first applying this serum it might sting a little bit, that is from the powerful alpha hydroxy acids that are in this formula. I don’t mind the stinging, to me that signals it is working. I do feel as it this serum has helped my skin enormously. I have noticed that my freckles (which are sun damage, don’t let anyone else steer you in the wrong direction on this one) have dissipated on my forehead and cheeks. This definitely has made me happy. Even though I am not a natural redhead, I have the freckles of a natural born redhead! I did spend a lot of time outside when I was a little kid and now I am paying for it. The Bright Skin Serum really does help to lighten up hyperpigmentation, freckles, age spots, etc. I feel as it my skin looks more even toned and brighter.

Apothederrm Bright Skin Serum (1 fl.oz./30 mL) is $67.50 and is available from www.apothederm.com. Like Apothederm on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Apothederm; Follow Apothederm on Twitter: @apothederm and Follow Apothederm on Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/apothederm/.

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