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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Review: FAT HAIR Amplifying Leave-In Conditioner and Amplifying Blow-Dry Spray #FATHAIR

FAT HAIR products are infamous for providing copious amounts of volume to limp, lifeless hair. Used wisely, your hair will have an amazing amount of volume that lasts all day long. They just came out with a few new products to add to the daily regimen, Amplifying Leave-In Conditioner and Amplifying Blow-Dry Spray. These are Advanced Repair Formulas, meaning that they help to repair damage to the hair as they give lift, shine and control to the hair.

FAT HAIR Amplifying Leave-In Conditioner $6.99 (4.0 fl. oz./118 mL)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA This leave-in conditioner is applied to damp, towel dried hair. Take a generous amount and work through hair. Use more for long and thick hair types. Blow dry hair for added body, volume and extra fullness to hair. This conditioner will transform limp, damaged and dry hair into more beautiful, healthy and definitely more voluptuous hair. It repairs and revives as it conditions hair. The Amplifying Leave-In Conditioner adds volume, body, texture and shine to hair with its lightweight formula and is the perfect complement to any styling product and any style.
I found this condition to add a lot of softness and shine to my hair as well as a lot of volume. I chose to use this and the blow dry spray only and my hair had a ton of volume. You can see in the photo below my hair is full of it!

FAT HAIR Amplifying Blow-Dry Spray $6.99 (6.0 fl. oz. 177 mL)

If you blow dry your hair, use any sort of heat on your hair such as a flat iron, then you need heat protection. Amplifying Blow-Dry Spray is the answer! This spray provides heat protection from daily use of thermal styling tools (blow drying, curling iron, hot rollers and flat iron). It helps to prevent dehydration in the hair and it maintains the perfect moisture balance and seals in the style for a fuller look, stronger hair, and healthier looking hair. This spray will not weigh down hair. The exclusive blend of protein, extract, inositol and taurine helps to voluminize and repair limp, damaged hair for a fuller, healthier looking style. It also provides shine and hydration for dehydrated, damaged hair.
I feel that between this spray and the Amplifying Leave-In Conditioner, I was able to get massive amounts of volume to my normally semi-flat hair. I sprayed this all over my damp hair. The directions say to spray generously through damp hair.and comb through. I don’t comb my hair but I worked it through with my fingers. Then I blow dried my hair and voila! As almost by magic my hair turned out to be mega-voluminous today.

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These FAT HAIR products definitely do the job they intended to do. And the price is extremely reasonable. I had not tried this brand before but I definitely will need to try some of the other items in the line now! The amount of volume I was able to achieve with just these two products was amazing. I had bouncy, full hair that did not quit, even into the next day!
FAT HAIR products can be purchased from www.fat-hair.com, www.drugstore.com, www.walgreens.com, www.walmart.com, www.amazon.com. They may be purchased in store at Wal-Mart, Rite Aid, CVS and Walgreens. Like FAT HAIR on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FatHair.hoyu.

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  1. Conditioner offers wonders for hair. Keeps natural curls smooth, prevents against dry brittle strands. Guarantees sound growth. Spicy curls can struggle to keep moisturized.


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