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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Pretty Girl Cosmetics Introduces An ‘Elecrifying’ Lipstick for Cheer Competitions and Dance Recitals! #PrettyGirlCosmetics #ElectricLipstick

(photo courtesy of www.prettygirlcosmetics.com

Read below to learn about an especially bright new series of lipsticks available for cheer competitions or dance recitals. Or, for anyone who loves bright lipsticks! I personally would love to have a lipstick this bright and shimmery! Pretty Girl Cosmetics takes an ordinary lipstick and brings it to another level.
pretty girl electric lipstick

Pretty Girl Cosmetics has launched the magic ingredient to make all stage performances crackle with energy this season. The must-have new Electric Lipstick Series features four stunning new shades infused with shimmer, sure to set the stage alight at cheer competitions and dance recitals across the country this season.

Highly pigmented and beautifully moisturizing, the lipsticks have been developed to stay true to the sparkle, even under hot stage lights or in the humid conditions of competitions during the season. The Electric Lipstick Series of lipsticks are infused with shimmer micro-glitter particles that reflect light for a high intensity shimmer.  Best of all, they contain a unique moisturizing agent to ensure that lips don’t dry out; the creamy texture of the lipsticks ensures that teams can wipe off their make-up and be ready to go again without having to deal with the dried out lips that many other lip stains can cause.
Colleen Dugan, Owner of Pretty Girl Cosmetics says, “Our Electric Lipstick Series is fantastic for teams that love a high shimmer, high sparkle make-up look when they compete or perform. Not only does the high pigmentation of the product ensure that it stays put, but the rich colors and the hyper-moisturizing ingredients guarantee that each shade will look wonderfully vibrant and shimmery on stage. A must-have for all team make-up kits this year, the Electric Lipstick Series is just one of many essential cosmetics we supply for dance troupes, cheerleading squads and other groups of stage performers.”
With four delicious shades to choose from – Electric Red, Electric Pink, Electric Fuchsia and Electric Coral – the Electric Lipstick Series is the perfect addition to any team makeup bag, with a color to suit every uniform or costume. Electric Red goes with everything, Electric Pink is the perfect ballerina pink, a flash of Electric Fuchsia can add a real pop to a stage performance and Electric Coral is perfect for the teams that like to think outside of the box.
The Electric Red is the most classical choice for many cheer and dance teams and will look great with almost any uniform or costume. The high-shine, metallic red is more intense than other lipsticks in the market and will stand up to the rigors of appearing under those stage lights. Electric Pink is perfect for the glittery, glitzy, glamorous teams that want to add an element of real Barbie pink sparkle to their look. The shimmer micro-glitter particles contained within this baby-pink shade are actually fuchsia, intensifying the color dramatically.
The Electric Fuchsia shade itself is a dark pink which is tinged with red shimmer micro-glitter for a lip color that is entirely unique and stands out from the rest. Lastly, the gorgeous Electric Coral is for the forward-thinking teams, the ones who want to make an impact with every aspect of their uniform. With orange shimmer micro-glitter particles and a lovely coral red shade, this color is guaranteed to be a hit among the judges and the audience.
Electric Lipstick is available from www.prettygirlcosmetics.com for $8.00. 

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