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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Protect Hair This Summer With Aveya Beauty’s Emu Oil

aveya beauty emu oil

With summer swiftly approaching, women will begin the battle against the elements that wreaks havoc on the health and appearance of their hair. Aveya Beauty is ready to help women combat dry, frizzy, brittle summer hair, by offering its 100% pure Emu Oil
Aveya Beauty’s Emu Oil is available for purchase here on Amazon.com:
Emu oil is derived from the Emu bird of Australia. Australians have used the oil for thousands of years in order to combat a host of topical and physical ailments. These include joint and muscular pain, wrinkles, poor skin tone, scarring, scalp dryness, and frizzy, dry, lifeless hair. In fact, a Boston University School Of Medicine study showed that emu oil not only served as a wonderful scalp and hair humectant, but that the oil actually restores hair growth activity.
Although summer is traditionally a time for people to enjoy carefree days of travel and activity, many women complain that by the end of summer, they are left with a head full of fried, frizzy, lifeless hair. Despite purchasing expensive shampoos and conditioners in order to correct the problem, their hair remains unhealthy. As a matter of fact, the very shampoos and conditioners that the average woman purchases to correct her hair issues could be contributing to the hair damage she experiences.
Emu oil can safely, effectively, and affordably correct summer hair issues. The oil is very absorbent and the user only needs to use a few drops at a time. Customers are instructed to apply the oil by starting at the tips of their hair, since the ends are often the most dry and damaged. Then, customers should work the oil into their scalps.
One of the best features about Aveya Beauty's Emu Oil is that it can be used beneficially by women of all hair textures and ethnic groups. The oil is often sought out and requested by women who are interested in wearing their naturally curly, and coiled hair texture. Typically, ethnic hair strands lack natural moisture and is more prone to shedding and breakage. Emu has been shown to add natural moisture that is compatible with the scalp's natural sebum production. What's more, the oil adds elasticity to the strands, naturally, without weighing down strands with excess slickness. 
Consumers beware: there are several versions of emu oil that are being sold as "rendered", or "unrefined". Customers should stay away from these versions of the oil, since "rendered" or "unrefined" oils haven't been purified of bioorganic matter and bacteria originating from the emu bird. For their own safety, customers should only purchase refined, 100% purified oil, such as the grade of oil that Aveya Beauty sells on Amazon.com.
Aveya Beauty has a 100% commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction, backed by a 100% Money Back Guarantee.
This is not a vegan product.

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