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Patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation have enough going on without having to fight off skin sensitivity issues. Skin becomes extremely sensitive during chemotherapy/radiation treatment, as does the rest of the body. There are many side effects of chemotherapy and radiation, thus patients end up dealing with so much extra that they never thought they would. Lindi Skin is dedicated to helping those going through chemotherapy by developing skincare that is gentle, helps patients feel better about themselves and helps patients get control of the side effects. They use state-of-the-art technology and the latest medical information to develop products with innovative ingredients for those undergoing the fight of their lives. 

All Lindi Skin products are:
  • Clinically Tested
  • Proudly made in the U.S.A. in an FDA compliant facility
  • Dermatologist & Allergy tested
  • Paraben Free
  • Never Tested on Animals
  • Backed by their 30-day 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Non-irritating

Lindi Face Wash 4 fl.oz/120 mL $22.00

lindi face wash
This face wash was developed to not cause any dryness, flaking or discomfort to the skin (which most cleansers can cause). It is an alternative to soapy cleansers that does not strip the skin and keeps the pH balance of the skin intact. Use as often as needed for the face, neck and scalp. Follow with Lindi Face Serum or Lindi Face Moisturizer.

I found this cleanser to be extremely gentle. I would definitely recommend it for anyone who has extremely sensitive skin, especially someone who is in need of a gentle cleanser. It does not strip the skin of its moisture barrier at all.

Lindi Eye Hydrator $30.00

lindi eye hydrator
The eyes show signs of stress more than any other part of the body. The Eye Hydrator is designed to soothe dryness in the sensitive area around the eye. This nutrient-rich gel reducess puffiness and improves dark circles. It absorbs quickly and can be used day or night.

I adore this eye gel! It is great for anyone and it really does make a great eye product. I love how soothing it is and how it helps puffiness and dark circles in the eye area. I think this is the Lindi star product. I recommend it for anyone really, it is a gel but goes on almost like an oil it is so rich in nutrients!

Lindi Face Moisturizer 2 fl.oz. 60 mL $38.00

lindi face moisturizer
Perfect for those in need of an extra level of moisture and protection who have excessive dryness or need to improve rough skin and flaking. Many natural compounds, vitamins and anti-oxidants deliver moisture and enrich the skin, benefits are felt immediately. For complete skin renewal, cleanse with Lindi Face Wash, use Lindi Face Serum first then apply the Face Moisturizer

This Face Moisturizer acts almost like a serum it is so thick and rich. That is what is go good about it. And it is gentle too. Those who need the moisture will benefit greatly from it, without any of the nasty preservatives and chemicals that are in most moisturizers. This is great for sensitive skins.

Lindi Body Wash 8 fl. oz. Bottle $20.00

lindi body lotion
Lindi Body Wash is a unique daily body wash with moisturizing ingredients that stay on skin after the body wash is long gone. You will feel a difference with this soap alternative, this gentle non-foaming formula is a luxuriously refreshing wash that is great for body and scalp. 

What is so unique is that this formula is non-foaming but still cleanses so well. It does leave skin feeling moisturized and skin feels much softer. Use as often as needed.

Lindi Body Lotion $25.00

lindi body wash
This body lotion helps to deliver a skin-quenching combination of anti-oxidants and hydration ingredients that nourish the skin while keeping the natural barrier in place to prevent moisture loss. It is also light, refreshing and luxurious for the skin. This lotion is great for all over everyday use. The best way to apply is on wet or damp skin right out of the shower. 

The best thing about this lotion is that is soaks right into the skin leaving no traces of heaviness or any slick feeling. Skin is left feeling soft and soothed right away. I like how nice this lotion makes skin feel, which is soft, smooth and silky.

Lindi Lip Balm .25 oz./7 mL $10.00

lindi lip balm
Lip Balm is the best thing for lips that are in need of TLC. Weather, chemotherapy, radiation, anything that is harsh on lips. Tuck this into your pocket or purse and you are prepared. Rich in Vitamin E and natural extracts, this lip balm soothes and provides a protective layer to parched lips. The non-greasy formula works to also keeps nails and cuticles healthy and intact. 

I love how this lip balm is so rich and is the perfect solution for lips that are parched, cracked and just plain worked over. It is great for cuticles and nails too, so just rub a little bit on the nail bed to keep them for hardening up and keep away hang nails.

Lindi Soothing Balm 4 fl.oz./120 mL $25.00

lindi soothing balm
Lindi Soothing Balm is the kind of product that is perfect for intense dryness. This balm is perfect for cracked skin, dry hands and feet, etc. It is an emollient lotion with an abundance of avocado oil. The balm is especially beneficial for painful, cracked and peeling skin. This product works great at great at helping to relieve pain from sunburns. It should be used while skin is still damp, but can be reapplied as often as needed.

I love products like this. Everyone can benefit from owning a product that helps relieve painful cracked skin, sunburn, etc. It comes in pump form to make it exceptionally easy to apply. This balm will help heal skin that needs soothing from intense radiation treatment.

Those are the products I tried from the Lindi Skin line. There are more products in the line, and I do believe that it fills a niche that was needed. Skin undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatments can change drastically, becoming so sensitive and I do think these products are very good at not hurting the skin but calming it and soothing it. If you are undergoing treatment I highly recommend trying out these products. Even if you are not and have extremely sensitive skin, such as that with eczema, these products might work well for you. 

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  1. Sounds like a great set of products, developed for a niche that not many will have considered - well done those guys!

  2. This sounds like a great range and like Kelly said above, covering a group of people that have few dedicated options. It's pretty reasonably priced, too :)

    Jess xo


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